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Details of Levinson's Isopod and title change

Isopod.jpgIsopod was previously a bit of an unknown project from Barry Levinson, but now some more details have leaked out and it seems that it's going to incorporate all manner of real life video and audio channels and is now known as The Bay.

No it's not about Michael, it's about a bay, and some creatures apparently, and if Isopod is more than just a working title then I've made some guesses about what this could mean.

I already wrote about Isopods, and one of the more interesting parasitic creatures that replaces parts of the host creature's body, pretty freaky stuff that you can read all about in another article.

The new details revealed are about how the film will be shot, from Screen Daily through ShockTillYouDrop and The Playlist come the details, and the first thing is the title change.

The story will be told through a series of camera phone videos, 911 calls and other such medium, something that does sound like Cloverfield (Filmstalker review) but from more than a single camera viewpoint. It will tell the story of a viral outbreak on the eastern seaboard focussing on the small town of Claridge, Maryland.

Now that sounds interesting, the not so interesting part is that the team behind Paranormal Activity (Filmstalker review), Oren Peli, Jason Blum and Steven Schneider, are joining up with the project. Let's hope they aren't so incredibly contrived as they were on that film, a very non-scary film that missed so many opportunities.

Right now it's hard to find anything to be overly excited about with this project, I was getting excited about the possibility of the parasitical creature aspect, but if it's just a viral outbreak then I'm not seeing the hook as much.

Sure the idea of gathering together different channels of information might be good, but what does that mean? News, mobiles and telephone calls? I'm still not buying it just yet.



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