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Evidence that Bond and Hobbit are moving forward?

MGM_Logo.jpgThe deal between Spyglass Entertainment and MGM looks like it might just happen and save the company, that's what the "insiders" and the people "in the know" are saying, and it's certainly gone further than any other attempt to keep the company going. What does that mean? Well it definitely means two Hobbits, one Bond, and perhaps a RoboCop.

However there are snippets of information from around the web that when put together make you think that not only are the Hobbit films a certainty, but that the next Bond film might actually be hitting pre-production really soon, before the dotted line is signed on.

Of course it makes sense, if Spyglass Entertainment do finally sign the deal, and it's a deal that they really do want to make, then they'll be keen to get the money earning titles that MGM own on the go, and the biggest are surely the two Hobbit films and obviously the next Bond film.

Some news titbits have been popping up online, two stories in /Film and The Playlist have both gathered together some interesting ones that point to both Hobbit and Bond going forward with some surprising additional news.

First up Ian McKellan has announced to The Bolton News that he's definitely returning as Gandalf for the new films and that they're starting to film in January. So that sounds like we're going to be getting The Hobbit, but then was that really in question? I don't think it was until Guillermo del Toro departed the production and we kept hearing noise about nothing from the production.

Then in Deadline Hollywood Daily we hear that Hunger Games is to get a new director, and that's not Sam Mendes. Mendes was lined up to direct but pulled out last week, and the reason seems to be because Bond is on the way:

"...bowed out of contention last Friday, and I'm told it was because the MGM picture is clearing up and it looks like production on 007 could begin by late summer or early fall, 2011 with Mendes at the helm and Daniel Craig back in the Aston Martin."

Meanwhile it seems a story in The Telegraph, which is now pulled, and a statement from an "insider" on the production of Sam Mendes' latest film On Chesil Beach carried in CommanderBond.net, seems to all suggest that the film has been halted. Another sign perhaps that Bond is happening with Mendes directing, whatever the reason for his slate clearing, it's clearing.

All this does suggest that Bond is moving forward, but even without these little comments you would expect the film to happen, after all it's the biggest franchise they have, bigger than the two Hobbit films even.



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