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Jovovich and Khabensky in Russian romantic comedy?

MillaJovovich.jpgWell apparently they are, and this trailer is actually a romantic comedy trailer, yes really. It actually starts off teetering on the edge of either a thriller or a supernatural horror, and the music that starts off is pretty dark to say the least.

However the latter stages do resemble something along those lines, and it's really interesting to see Milla Jovovich in a romantic comedy, especially alongside such a worldwide recognisable name as Konstantin Khabensky - the Night Watch (Filmstalker review) series and Wanted (Filmstalker review).

The trailer for Vikrutasi is right here and is entirely in Russian, but it's worth watching just to see how a Russian trailer for a romantic comedy looks, and I can tell you it's really not what you expect.

There are even a couple of scenes that look like they belong in the middle of a Paul W.S. Anderson film, the shot of Milla Jovovich turning and looking down from above with her hair in the wind, or some of the shots of her rather angry in her wedding dress.

According to Twitch, who discovered the trailer, the story has Jovovich playing a woman who has just gotten engaged and has garnered the attention of a lonely and single school teacher that would be Konstantin Khabenskiy.

You can see the trailer right here, have a look and marvel at how it starts off.



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