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Kane & Lynch lynched?

KaneandLynch.jpgAnother director has left the Kane & Lynch film adaptation, that makes two now, and while that might seem strange to some of us we have to realise coming and going happens a hell of a lot in film production so it might not be the end of it.

Simon Crane was set to make his directorial début on the film when he dropped out and passed over to Patrick Alessandrin, now word is that he's left the project as well and that the production is looking for another director.

Patrick Alessandrin, who directed District 13: Ultimatum, was set to direct the adaptation of the video game which is said to star Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx as escaped convicts Adam Kane Marcus and James Seth Lynch who are forced to team up when the group that springs them from prison holds Kane's family to ransom unless he steals a microchip for them, and the unhinged killer Lynch is along for the ride.

Now 24 Frames through Collider is reporting that Alessandrin is off the film and that they're looking for another director. They suggest that this means the previous overlooked names will be back on the list, names such as Wayne Kramer, who directed The Cooler and Running Scared, F. Gary Gray, who directed The Negotiator, A Man Apart, The Italian Job and Law Abiding Citizen (Filmstalker review), and Antonie Fuqua, who directed Training Day, Tears of the Sun (Filmstalker review) and Brooklyn's Finest.

Now I am looking at this list and thinking that if one of these directors is to take up the project then it all might have turned around for the best after all, for if Gray or Fuqua pick up the film then it's going to be tough, realistic and a great thriller at the same time. Here's hoping.

It's a bit strange because previous stories had F. Gary Gray set to direct the film, but it seems he pulled out before Alessandrin took up the role, I wonder if he might reconsider his position, or the studio might reconsider their offer?

I still have some doubt about the casting of Willis and Foxx, I'm really not sure if Foxx is the right choice but then I'm not hugely convinced that he's the great actor that everyone says he is and I would love to see some British talent used, someone like Idris Elba or Chiwetel Ejiofor, but I'm not casting.

Back to the director of the film, I really would love it if Fuqua, Gray or Kramer took the film, there's also a sense that the production might take another step up as well, not that it hasn't already with Foxx and Willis on board, or perhaps looking at it another way the acting talent has forced the directorial role to step up a notch too.

So far it all sounds good, we just need a film.



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