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Let Me In international trailer

LetMeIn.jpgThe latest trailer for Let Me In, the remake of Let The Right One In (Filmstalker review), arrived online yesterday and it's pretty damn good. I'm over half way through the book and I've seen the original film and there are plenty of scenes and lines that I recognise from both.

Right now Let Me In is looking rather good, in fact more than that, it's looking superb. However I still wonder just how much it's going to give us over the original. Is it just going to be an American remake of the original or is it going to offer more?

Certainly there looks to be a strong style and a lot more pace to Let Me In, but it is a trailer. All we can say for sure at this early stage is that the trailer for the Matt Reeves written and directed remake is looking superb, particularly with more of the cast featured.

The trailer for Let Me In comes from The Sun and TrailerAddict:



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