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Locksmith trailer online

Locksmith.jpgI don't know why I watched this trailer to begin with, but I did, and it surprised me and the brief moments we get with the character drew me in. There's not nearly enough to have me racing to the cinema but there's enough to have me intrigued, especially with some positive comments coming from those who have seen it.

Locksmith tells the story of Mike, he's a locksmith and also a prisoner on work release, who is just trying to get his life back together, do his job and make up with his girlfriend. However one of his clients pulls him into a tricky situation and before he knows it he's caught between a couple and his day is hijacked.

The trailer looks kind of interesting, and if we're looking at trailers such as Due Date then we really should give this one a chance, and you really should. Here's the trailer for Locksmith.



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