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Lynch's Hisss gains new trailer

JenniferLynch.jpgJennifer Chambers Lynch's new film, the Bollywood horror Hisss, has a new trailer. This one is a lot slicker and more cinematic than the previous one, plus there's a lot less of the gore element.

The story is based on the legend of a woman who can turn into a snake and avenge ill-doing, and from the trailer it's no normal snake in either size or looks.

Previously we had a trailer for Hisss released that wasn't the real deal, but the proper trailer followed soon after, and now we have a new trailer for the Jennifer Chambers Lynch written and directed Bollywood horror film featuring Mallika Sherawat as the snake woman and Irrfan Khan.

The new trailer looks pretty interesting, although I wasn't a huge fan of Jennifer Chambers Lynch's Surveillance, it did have some strong ideas and good moments, and with the idea of a Bollywood horror, I wonder if she's going to deliver something equally as interesting?

Here's the new trailer through QuietEarth, which to be honest appears to be more of a teaser than anything else:



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