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Megamind trailer reveals wrong bits

Megamind.jpgOkay, time to lay into another trailer. Actually I have really liked the look of Megamind so far, and I've been excited by the concept shown in the trailers previously, but this trailer has neutered the feeling and understanding of the film we've seen so far in trailers, and that's really disappointing.

The feel for this trailer seems to go too far into the story, beyond the set-up which seems so good, the idea that the super villain has killed the superhero, become bored, created a new superhero who then turns into a super villain, and then he himself has to become the superhero to defeat his own creation.

That seems a pretty cool set-up, Megamind was looking rather interesting, and then this trailer goes and focusses on the story after the point where he's killed the superhero and offers a reveal that leaves me a little flat about the film.

Now before I go on you better note that this really could be a spoiler, although it's in the trailer and is probably not a huge plot spoiler once you see the film, I do feel it's taken away a little enjoyment for me and a little fun that the film could have had.

So if you don't want to know about it turn away now and don't watch the trailer.

Before I go onto that point I'll talk about another one, just to give you the space so as it won't catch your eye. For me the concentration of the trailer on this part of the film also makes out Megamind to be a nice bloke, a misunderstood bloke that just looks a little ugly, and that doesn't feel like the film we saw in the first trailers. There he was the bad guy who has a turning point in his life after he kills his nemesis and becomes bored, here there's no real character progression, he's just good.

Actually knowing the fact that he kills his nemesis could already be quite the spoiler, but that was in the blurb and the trailers from the beginning. Now, this trailer, reveals that the superhero isn't dead at all, he's hiding out somewhere enjoying his anonymity.

It's not something that's perfectly obvious, but it's pretty clear once you see the scene and hear him talking. So it's perfectly feasible to realise that he'll come back and save the day in the end, having his own revelation.

Too much information, and for me this trailer doesn't work because it's turned to the wrong half of the film. See what you think.



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