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More Ghostbusters III official rumours?

Ghostbusters.jpgThere are a number of stories appearing online about Ghostbusters III, a film much rumoured by those apparently behind it, but one that has never really passed the scripting stage, hasn't been greenlit and hasn't even managed to secure the actors.

However that doesn't stop the people behind the film continually telling the fans that it's happening and sending out all sorts of stories for a film that looks like is either not going to happen or is going to be a shadow of the former films.

Now I don't know about you but for me Ghostbusters III is an all or nothing kind of film, a half-baked one means that the film just isn't going to cut it.

However the more I hear about it the more I'm getting worried that the views behind making this film are getting a little blinkered and are going to end up bringing a standard comedy and nothing as great as Ghostbusters deserves.

So it's disappointing to hear more random rumours from the people behind them still without any movement on the script or the film.

Blastr has the news that Sigourney Weaver is saying she's now been contacted by Ivan Reitman and said:

"I've also been contacted...All I said was I really think my little boy Oscar, who went through that traumatic kidnapping, should be a ghostbuster. So I think that might happen."

Note that she's been contacted and she thinks that something might happen in the script that she previously told to reporters before she was even involved in the film. No mention of signed up, of scripts, of contracts or any green lights.

She goes on to talk about the idea she likes for her son's character, but then she comes out with an interesting and potentially solid fact:

"They're working on the script...Ivan knows what he's doing, so let him work on the script."

An "insider" exclusive through Bloody Disgusting, and you know how unreliable these can be, says that the relationship between Dr. Peter Venkman, played by Bill Murray, and Dana Barrett, played by Sigourney Weaver, has resulted in a child of their own, a child who is now in their early twenties and ready to take over the Ghostbusting business. That's where the handover to the younger crew comes in.

Yet again, the rumour arrives that the whole crew are coming back along with Rick Moranis and Weaver, with the story saying that Harold Ramis, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Ernie Hudson have been signed, according to early reports.

Now, we've heard "they've been signed" rumours before only to find out from the actors themselves that they either haven't or haven't even been approached, I'll cite Weaver as one such example and Murray as another.

As for the alleged signings, well those early reports were rumours as much as the Weaver and Murray ones, and even though Aykroyd was saying some of them, it didn't make them true.

I still think they're far from having a film, and this idea has been around for a while with Weaver talking about it before she said she was even talked to, as for the rest of the information, well it's more rumours and insider information and we're still waiting for something concrete.

To me it's still nothing new, Ghostbusters 3 isn't happening is it?.



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