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Paranormal Activity 2 new trailer

ParanormalActivity.jpgA new trailer has appeared online for Paranormal Activity 2, the trailer has some new footage apparently, but the new footage is all hidden and with it being a flash trailer in a flash web player it's very difficult to pause it on the screens. To do so you would need to download it, play it locally with a good player.

Oh, and the other flaw in the trailer? The ending of the first film is shown at the start. Now I don't just mean part of it, but the very ending is seen. Okay it's edited to be much shorter, but it's there.

All round? Not a good trailer in my eyes. First up I can't believe they've put those closing scenes from the film in there, no matter how brief they are they have a trailer with flashing, hidden scenes in it, they know people are going to frame through it, they're encouraging them to do so, so why go and put the ending of the first film in there and cut them into short glimpses, people will see it when they frame through.

Okay, so you get the idea. If you haven't seen Paranormal Activity (Filmstalker review), then you might not want to watch this trailer.

According to MTV who have the Paranormal Activity 2 trailer and the breakdown, there are some hidden frames and a glimpse of audio at the end, with the flash video so it's almost impossible to skip through frame by frame and catch the scene so we'll have to take their word for it unless you want to download it and try for yourself.

However they do give a little description of these scenes, short as they are. The first sees a woman dancing around the baby we saw from the first trailer, there's the baby crawling on its own, and the baby being held by a few people and crying.

There's lot's of guessing from this point on, as there was with the initial trailer, that the woman is Katie from the first film, but there are so many things that you could guess from these all to brief moments.

I could easily guess that this is all about bringing the demon to life in human form through the baby, or that there's cult preparing a sacrifice, or that the demon is now in the child, who knows. It's easy to guess when there's no information, or next to at least.

What we do know is that this film will take place in a house with a full security camera system – you'd think the demon would choose a house without one, and that the focus may well be a baby, or through a baby.

With these hidden scenes and audio though they've gone to the other extreme of teasing, they've hidden them so well that there isn't something that grabs you and begins your imagination running. The first trailer was great for that though, it had moments such as the baby in the mirror. Now though I don't really get it, see if you do.



If you want to see the hidden scenes go to www.paranormalmovie.com, watch to the kitchen clip then slowly drag the bar at the bottom back a few seconds and it will show you some blurry baby pictures and some backwards audio in the background, nobody is sure of what it says right now. The other hidden clip is at the end, drag the bar back again and the frame should start zooming in on the babys room into the mirror, ive seen the ending clip twice and both times its been different which leads me to believe that it could possibly be mouse sensitive so when your on there try shaking the mouse around and see if anything happens thats different xoxo

here the thing the whole baby in mirror thing is the first thing that shakes u up but noticed on the reflection its where is hunter? where it starts zooming in. Another thing is the woman is behind the chair playing with it. also the dog doesn't get hurt sum how it leaves in a hidden scene. but who is lady with green fingernail? what does it mean this sequel too weird. And the woman is katie who is standing in the rm.

omg paranormal activity rocks


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