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Pheonix in Eastwood's Hoover film

JEdgarHoover.jpgThis is perhaps the reason that the truth had to be revealed about Casey Affleck's documentary I'm Still Here starring Joaquin Phoenix's faked year away from acting and mental meltdown, it's because he's accepted another acting role, or rather he may well be accepting, and this one's a cracker starring in a Clint Eastwood film about J. Edgar Hoover.

That sounds interesting, and despite all the other rumoured roles, this one could be about to happen. The film sounds good, and it's great that we aren't losing Pheonix after all.

It's great news too that Clint Eastwood looks set to direct the film about J. Edgar Hoover, something we heard about in March, for there's so much opportunity to leap on the wrong aspects of the story and not tell them all and concentrate on anything but the darker and more tabloid sides of his life, something that Eastwood will definitely touch on but not get lost in. I hope.

Dustin Lance Black, the man who wrote the script for the excellent Milk (Filmstalker review), and the story from N.Y. Magazine Vulture through Collider, is that the focus of the film may well be that of the relationship between J. Edgar Hoover and his lover, and protégé, Clyde Tolson. Interestingly it's also the role that Pheonix could be set to play as Eastwood is apparently interested in him for the part.

I guess the idea is that if we all thought that Joaquin Pheonix was as mad as the documentary is to make him out to be then we might not take to him in this role, however that seems pretty ridiculous to me and I don't really see the general audience caring for Casey Affleck's film or the portrayal of Pheonix as another off the tracks Hollywood star, after all they are ten a penny at the moment.

I do think though that this would probably affect the choices of Hollywood people, those actually in the business, and that's perhaps why the reveal was made before these stories started appearing about Pheonix and other film roles. What will speak now for Pheonix is how he performs and what parts he picks from here on, and the role of Tolson in an Eastwood film about Hoover sounds just perfect.

Leonardo DiCarprio has been associated with the role of J. Edgar Hoover and the word is that as soon as he accepts the offer will go to Pheonix.

Hoover and Tolson never spoke about their relationship in public, although they often went out together, ate together, went on holidays together, Tolson accepted the American flag at Hoover's funeral, inherited everything, lived in his house and was ultimately buried close to him. Yet while he was alive it is said that Hoover worked hard to hide the truth and seemingly went after those who questioned his sexuality. To be fair though he went after a lot of people for a lot of reasons and had files on many important and influential people.

It's never been confirmed either way, and some believe that they were more like brothers and worked very closely together, it perhaps never will be clear either, but the film does look like it's going to concentrate on this aspect, although I do hope that Eastwood will turn to other aspects of his life as well, for there is so much to tell about the man, not just about whether or not he was in a gay relationship.



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