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Reign of Assassins gets second trailer

MichelleYeoh.jpgReign of Assassins has so much more going for it, produced by John Woo and Terence Chang, with a cast list headlined by Michelle Yeoh and written by Chao-Bin Su who co-directs with John Woo. Now that sounds good doesn't it? Well just have a look at the trailer and you'll be even more impressed.

There are shades of other films in the trailer, suggestions of other films we've seen before, but this is Woo and we're seeing Yeoh in another strong female role that has plenty of martial arts action too.

Reign of Assassins sees Michelle Yeoh as Zeng Jing, a highly skilled assassin who comes into possession of the remains of a Buddhist monk which seemingly carry an ancient secret. She is intent on returning them to their rightful resting place but a group of assassins is after them to try and unlock the power within them.

Sounds a good set-up, and although the trailer doesn't deliver the story and characters well, it does show you that we're going to be looking at another powerful martial arts film, and with the names behind the film then I think we're going to see this travelling across the world.

Here's the trailer through Twitch:



Yeoh was the best part of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. This looks even better.


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