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Saw 3D trailer selling 3D not Saw VII

Saw3D.jpgThe trailer has arrived for Saw 3D, and while it starts off well showing that the scope of the plan has expanded to a very public setting, what happens next is reminiscent of the days when 3D first came around and my worst nightmares about 3D in cinema.

Everything becomes about the 3D. There are numerous visuals showing the film coming out and “interacting” with the audience through the screen, something which looks utterly stupid, belongs in the fifties, and takes you right of the film.

Imagine a trailer that went on about the lighting of a film, or one that kept showing fantastic moments of cinematography, showing moments that aren't in the film, aren't integral to the plot, and in fact aren't in the story at all. That's usually called a featurette and dropped on the end of DVD's, Blu-rays and offered with digital copies.

There's no way that these things are in the film unless we really are going to experience, for the first time every, a ten foot character reaching out of the screen to get us, or the cinema is going to fire spinning blades from behind the screen, tearing them apart and flying into the audience.

Neither I believe is true, so why show us such things? We realise it's in 3D, we know what 3D is, would we expect to see such trailers demonstrating what colour is?

What concerns me most is that the trailer for Saw 3D is concentrating on the expectation of gore and grizzly death for the victim and 3D. Where's the plot? Where's the hook? Oh yeah, it's delivered in seconds in the opening of the trailer.

To be fair that opening explanation is good, but come on, what a waste the rest of the trailer is. We all know what 3D is, we all know what the Saw traps are. Is this the only aspect of the film they could find to market? Is Saw 3D going to be that bad?



I agree we all know what 3D is and they really don't need to show peoples suprised faces in a cinema WATCHING the film and figures reaching out from the screen, come on!

Also the trailer shows glimpses of the two characters from the first film does that mean we might find out what happened to them or was it just a reminder of the one good film in the series perhaps to draw you in.

The only thing i found interesting about the trailer at all was the man struggling in a trap in public, normally all the events in saw happen in a dark basement somewhere so that's a bit different but i won't be rushing to see this anyway!

That was also about the only scene we saw from the actual film. Well to be fair there are a few more trap set-ups, but I'm with you, that was the only interesting scene in the whole thing.

Selling 3D over the film isn't a good sign I'd say. Wasn't My Bloody Valentine 3D the last film to do this?


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