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Tangled (Rapunzel) bloke's trailer online

Rapunzel.jpgA new trailer for the Disney film Tangled (Rapunzel) has arrived online and it's really trying to turn around perceptions of the film. Rapunzel is a fairy tale and one that's about a beautiful princess being rescued, every little girl's dream. Not a film for bloke's really.

Well, it wasn't until this trailer and Disney trying to convince you otherwise. This is going to be a film for bloke's as much as anyone, and in fact this trailer is screaming nothing but this.

The previous trailer was the fairy tale story, not with this new one. Disney's animated film tells the story of Rapunzel a German fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm with the original story ancient Iranian book called Shahnameh, written by Ferdowsi around 1000 AD. You can read the full blurb over at Wikipedia if you aren't already aware.

Here's the new trailer for Tangled through Moviefone and Latino Review, it's a clever move from Disney, although to be fair I think they should have shown this mixed with the original trailer from the beginning. However isn't this trailer giving you the feeling of Prince of Persia with a little more comedy?



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