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Terry Jones new film with Monty Python colleagues?

MontyPython.jpgFormer Monty Python team member Terry Jones, who co-wrote and co-directed Monty Python and the Holy Grail and co-wrote and directed both The Meaning of Life and The Life of Brian, has signed up for another film called Absolutely Anything.

The exciting part of the story is not the talking dog character in the film, that's actually a huge concern because talking dogs don't tend to make a film a hit, it's actually that he's been talking to the old Monty Python team to see if any of them want to star in the film.

According to the story out today Terry Jones has been writing a comedy script with Gavin Scott who wrote The Borrowers and Small Soldiers, and is set to direct it. He already has two cast members in the form of John Oliver from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (great deal to get your name in the title) and himself, he's apparently going to play a talking dog.

Deadline Hollywood Daily through JoBlo has the exciting news that goes beyond this though, that he's "reached out" to his former Monty Python colleagues and asked them to voice aliens in the film, they would be John Cleese, Michael Palin, Eric Idle and Terry Gilliam.

That's superb news, getting the cast back together again. Of course it's early days and this is just a "reaching out" phase, so there could be a long way to go before any of them actually say yes.

Saying that though there....wait a minute, aliens and a talking dog? The last time I saw that was the terrible Men in Black II where that talking dog ruined the film. No, I'll give Jones a lot more credit than that.

Imagine though if the cast did get back together and the film was good, can you imagine what it could lead to? More films with the crew back together, well almost all of them anyway.

Anyone else excited for this idea?



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