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The Butcher, the Chef and the Swordsman trailer

ButcherChefSwordsman.jpgDid you ever see Stephen Chow's excellent Kung Fu comedy called Kung Fu Hustle (Filmstalker review)? No? Well you need to see it immediately, it's innovative and funny and really does entertain. Now there's a new film on the go that's being touted as very similar, The Butcher, The Chef and The Swordsman, from director Wu Ershan.

However the trailer looks far from a comedy and could actually turn out to be a rather stylish Kung Fu film, or else the trailer is misrepresenting it. Have a watch right here.

The film is screening at the Toronto Film Festival next month and is billed as a tale of revenge, honour and greed which follows three different people who gain control of a magical kitchen cleaver made from one of the five greatest swords ever, and with it they pursue their desires.

The trailer is below from Twitch, found through First Showing. I think it looks like a cracker, the soundtrack, the visuals, everything points to less of a comedy and more of the storytelling.

Have a look at the trailer for The Butcher, the Chef and the Swordsman:



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