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The Equalizer gets scriptwriter

TheEqualizer.jpgNot just any scriptwriter, Paul Haggis. Suddenly the idea of Russell Crowe playing the character Edward Woodward made isn't sounding so wrong.

The first time I wrote about the film was early 2006, but the project had been going on for a lot longer than that but there never seemed to be a real push towards getting the film made, but maybe there is now, partially fuelled by the success of The A-Team (Filmstalker review).

Paul McGuigan who was responsible for Gangster No. 1 and the superb Lucky Number Slevin (Filmstalker review) was set to direct way back when we first heard about the film adaptation of the television series. Soon after Michael Connelly and Terrill Lee Lankford were brought on board to update and modernise the character from the eighties television show.

Next up was the rumour that the story of The Equalizer from the television show was going to be modernised quite a bit and Jason Statham was being considered for the role, something that seemed a long shot and a pretty wild idea, it seemed to be more like a remake of Callan than The Equalizer.

Without a doubt the saddest news of the whole Equalizer saga was that Edward Woodward would not get the chance for at least a cameo in the film as he died in November of last year. Perhaps it's just as well that he never saw any of his characters remade for the big screen.

At some point, and I can't remember where, Russell Crowe's name was mentioned along with the role, and no more was heard.

Now I can say those words which we hear so much of these days...until now. The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision is reporting that Paul Haggis is negotiating to have a crack at the script for the film under the production of Russell Crowe who will also star as the man himself, Robert McCall.

There's no suggestion of him directing yet, but there's a lot to concentrate on writing the script first.

Actually it's a film that could work out quite well, it's not the usual adaptation for The Equalizer was dark and gritty from the outset and broke a few conventions with its main character and some of the storylines. Perhaps that's something that would work well on screen and really appeal to the audience rather than churning out another action/adventure/spy film.



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