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The Hunger Games, the American Battle Royale?

TheHungerGames.jpgSince the Hollywood remake of Battle Royale didn't manage to get off the ground, despite the claims, it seems that a writer has taken the lead and built an American version of the story called The Hunger Games, or at least that's what it sounds like from the blurb of the story.

A futuristic, post-apocalyptic America run by a cruel and corrupt government has been divided into twelve districts and each district puts forward two teenage competitors for a reality show where they fight to the death.

The story from Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) sees a country where the rich capitol keeps the districts poor, wanting and under their control. Each district putting forward a boy and girl for the yearly competition, and whoever wins out through the gladiatorial combat returns to their district with a fortune not for themselves, but for the district as a whole.

The year of the seventy fourth competition and sixteen year old Katniss Everdeen is selected as the female representative for her district in the Hunger Games.

Sounds interesting, but does sound like a big scale Battle Royale, although their they fought to ensure the rising young population was kept under control while here it's for political reasons, to entertain the rich, and for the survival of the American districts.

As usual directors names are being banded around for the film which Billy Ray has just submitted a rewrite for and these range from the small to the big, from drama to adventure to horror, the usual mixed bag. Out of the ones reported by Deadline Hollywood Daily Sam Mendes and David Slade cross my eyes as being rather interesting, Gary Ross is also mentioned as a forerunner for the film.

For as much as the comparison can be made to Battle Royale, the political aspects of the story are interesting and could make for a different take on the whole idea. Still, it does sound a lot like Battle Royale. I doubt though it will live up to the darkness and content that the Japanese film gave us.



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