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The most powerful people in film?

JamesCameron.jpgAre these the top one hundred most powerful people in film? A new list has been published online that claims these people are, and in the various categories there are a few number ones.

The top ten list is rather interesting too, and as you can see, the top place goes to James Cameron, no doubt shot up there for Avatar (Filmstalker review) and the 3D work. The list isn't just directors, there are actors, actresses, agents, studio executives, producers, media, critics, funding leaders and even festival programmers.

Here are the number ones for the various categories that The Guardian have worked out through their complex calculations:

Director: Overall No.1 - James Cameron
Actor: Overall No. 3 - Leonardo DiCaprio
Producer: Overall No. 4 - John Lasseter
Funder: Overall No. 10 - Ed Vaizey
Studio Executive (No title on the list): Overall No. 14 - Alan Horne
Actress (Listed with Actors): Overall No. 18 - Angelina Jolie - interestingly Brad Pitt is in fifth and the second actor on the list
Others (Actually writers): Overall No. 21 - Aaron Sorkin
Agent: Overall No. 42 - Ari Emmanuel and Patrick Whitesell
Bloggers: Overall No. 46 - Col Needham (IMDB)
Media: Overall No. 51 - Rupert Murdoch
Programmers: Overall No. 59 - Theirry Fremaux (Cannes)

Straight up I'm calling out the "Bloggers" category, I would not call IMDB a blog, nor the head a blogger. The closest they come is that they aggregate news sites and actually refuse blogs from being listed with news sites. The next blogger/corporate blogger is Harry Knowles from AICN overall No. 53, and there I'm still not so sure. For me a blogger is someone like me, an independent writing about film, not a news site, not a group of writers. Neither would I call Roger Ebert or James King bloggers, they are film critics who happen to use blogs as one outlet for their reviews for which they are often paid.

I think you might have argued for James Cameron had the rest of Hollywood not taken up 3D with such gusto, particularly his more technical use of 3D, and also his ongoing use as a mentor and technical mind for other directors and studios.

I am surprised that J.J. Abrams isn't further up the list, No. 13, and that Quentin Tarantino is still that far up at No. 8. What about there being no Matthew Vaughn and yet Jane Goldman is at No. 96 and Guy Ritchie is at No. 56.

Have a look at the list, I really wish I could embed the graphic representation but I can't unfortunately, so head over to The Guardian and see what you think and see some of the breakdowns in interesting formats.



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