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The Roomate trailer

LeightonMeester.jpgSingle White Female with modern fast cutting and quick reveals to induce frights? Perhaps, but looking at the trailer there's maybe a little more, there's certainly some scary moments and a rising feeling of dread.

I'd be keen to see a little more of this film from director Christian E. Christiansen and writer Sonny Mallhi starring Leighton Meester, Minka Kelly, Alyson Michalka and Cam Gigandet.

The film tells of a college student who finds out that her room-mate is slightly unhinged and that her, and her closest friends, are in danger.

It does sound a lot like Single White Female, and chances are there are slicker, faster cuts, more action, a rockier soundtrack, and plenty of quick reveals to make you jump in your seat. However the trailer does suggest there's something a little more. I certainly didn't sit there as I would after one of those remakes and it actually looks not too bad.

Of course you never really know with trailers where you aren't entirely sure of the film, especially when you don't really know the people behind the script and the camera. Here's the trailer for The Roommate to make up your own mind.



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