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The Social Network interactive trailer

TheSocialNetwork.jpgThe Social Network isn't a film that's getting a new trailer right now, but it is getting an interactive trailer, that's one of those trailers where you're invited to select the screen during different scenes and you get further information and links about the film.

With The Social Network this is a welcome thing, and there's a lot of information to be had. However you do just end up watching the film and whenever the cursor changes you select, pause, read, select a further link, read, and return. Plenty of information but not that interactive.

What would really have been good is if parts of the trailer were selectable, and there was something more to do than just wait for the cursor to change and click, or however your interface device works.

As I said though, there's a lot to learn from the new The Social Network trailer and it's helping build the back story to the film. Here it is through Collider.



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