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Time Bandits remade in 3D?

TimeBandits.jpgI find it hard to believe that Terry Gilliam would consider remaking one of his own films, much less that he would turn to 3D to do it, but from his own comments that's something he's actually considering right now.

Speaking about he financial problems he's been facing trying to get The Man Who Killed Don Quixote made he revealed that he's considering the project. I hope he's just saying that to get the backing to make this film, I really do.

Time Bandits is a classic film from Terry Gilliam that features all manner of madness from the director who co-wrote it with fellow Monty Python Michael Palin, and stars an impressive line up of talent from Sean Connery to Ian Holm, John Cleese to Jim Broadbent, Ralph Richardson to David Rappaport, and more.

It's a cracking film that tells the story of a young boy who gets caught up with a band of thieves who jump through time looking for treasure to plunder and on the way have all manner of amazing adventures.

However to consider remaking it in 3D initially seems like a bandwagon leap, but then the film is rather dated and there's a lot that could be done with the concept now, it could be updated, changed, perhaps even made better for a new audience.

Yet that's not what Terry Gilliam wants to do, and this is where I fear the problem would arise. Quoted through Mister T's Movie Click and The Playlist we discover that he doesn't want to change a thing, except for the actors, effects and 3D elements.

"We are in discussions to make a 3D version of the film [Time] Bandits. That will not change anything in the film itself will remain the same and if I think it serves as some passages in Alice [In Wonderland], the 3D should work well. Anyway, I'll have fun with it!"

I'm confused. If he's not wanting to change anything and it will remain exactly the same then I would have thought he'd be talking about a 3D conversion of the original, but then he does open the statement with the fact that he's in discussions to make a 3D version, and that's a new film.

So we would end up with a 3D Time Bandits with the same script, new cast and effects, but the same story, exactly the same story. What's the point? Surely they should update the film in some way?



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