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Verbinski directing The Lone Ranger

LoneRanger-Tonto.jpgIt was May 2007 when we first heard that the writers behind The Pirates of the Caribbean were setting out to write a film adaptation out of The Lone Ranger, and then it was in September 2008 when we started hearing that Johnny Depp was set to take a role, and that was going to be Tonto.

Now the news is that Gore Verbinski is looking to take up the directing role and The Lone Ranger is a little closer to a reality.

There's not a lot of information about it all other than the rumour that Gore Verbinski is "getting serious" about the directorial job and to remind us that Johnny Depp has a very busy slate.

The story comes from Deadline Hollywood Daily and there's not much more than this to be honest, however it does sound positive that the film will move forward, and if Verbinski takes up the post then it could well be soon since he's just finishing off Rango, with Depp as well.

So, a Lone Ranger film is really going to happen with, and if this is still the same casting then we're going to see Depp as Tonto with the Lone Ranger remaining uncast. One thing will be certain though, it's going to be a big action adventure with Verbinski directing and Depp leading. Would he be in danger of heading into pirate territory though? Will it become a little too comic and caricature?



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