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Closed: Win The Last Seven on DVD

TheLastSeven.jpgThe Last Seven is a British film which features an empty London and seven lone survivors of some event, an event that none of them can remember, in fact none of them can remember anything before waking up in the deserted city.

I'm just about to complete the review of the film, but I'll let you know now that it's an interesting story that is surprisingly well shot for a small British independent with some strong cinematography and a good mix of British acting talent.

Now you can win a copy of the DVD through Filmstalker by answering a very simple question.

The Last Seven stars Tamer Hassan, Simon Phillips, Sebastian Street, Daisy Head, Ronan Vibert, Rita Ramnani, John Mawson and Danny Dyer and is presented in 2.35:1 in Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0 on the DVD with a short Making Of featurette and a trailer.

Here's some of the blurb from the DVD itself:

When William (Phillips) awakes from unconciousness, he finds himself confused and alone in an empty London street. As he explores the area, he dsiscovers that not only are all the people missing but so are his memories.

A chance encounter teams him up with six other lost souls, led by soldier Jack (Hassan), who are all haunted by fractured memories of a devastating event. After a terrifying attack on one of the survivors, Jack realises they are not the only survivors and the race is onto escape the capital and the darkness that stalks its desolate streets.

I'm deliberately staying away from the IMDB details, and you should too, for there are a few reveals in there that might not click now, but when you watch it they most definitely will, and I'm talking about the cast list, so stay clear to be spoiler free.

Now, to be in with a chance of winning the DVD of The Last Seven you have to have a UK postal address, know the answer to the following question, and be able to select the link below to send your answer and address in to Filmstalker. Simple.

Here's the question:

Tamer Hassan has appeared in two major cinema releases this year, which two?

Now that's not hard, there's hardly any work to be done to win one of the three copies I have.

Remember that you need a UK postal address for the prize to be sent to you, you have to answer using the following link, and include the answer, your name and postal address in your email.

Right, here's the link you need to use to answer the question and be in the running to win:

Competition Closed

After the closing date of Monday 13th September at 10am UTC three winners will be randomly selected, notified, and the prizes sent soon after. Note that due to the numbers of entrants I can't always notify everyone.

Good luck!



[Answers removed - Come on Amelia, read the instructions and enter correctly! This comment won't be taken as an entry. - Richard]

[Answer removed - Dawn this is not classed as an entry to the competition and posting the answers on all the competitions isn't ]

I think someone needs to go over the instructions again ;)

[One answer removed. I should make sure that anyone who has posted an answer here hasn't entered properly, and if they have delete their entry! - Richard]

[Answers removed yet again - Richard]


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