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Wolf Creek 2 in development?

WolfCreek_Poster.jpgA few years ago Greg McLean, the writer and director of the excellent horror film Wolf Creek (Filmstalker review), spoke about the possibility of a sequel. He seemed like he liked the idea but he was a concerned that if he tried it he would end up with an unsellable rating and be really difficult to pull off.

That's what he said back in August of 2008, but it seems he could have found a way around that, or is going all out on the unsellable idea hoping that the power of the first film will help sell it. Right now we don't know, just that Wolf Creek 2 is being developed.

Greg McLean's Wolf Creek (Filmstalker review) is a superb horror film and really does combine suspense and horror, something that so many horror films forget and just pile on gore and blood. McLean keeps you on the edge of your seat and delivers a great amount of real horror, just watch scenes like the tied to the post in the shed or the head on a stick scene, there's a surprising lack of actual blood and gore and it's mostly in your mind, and what a fantastic job he does too.

Like any film though there's the hint of a sequel or a prequel, the murderous outback killer Mick Taylor, played fantastically by John Jarratt could return, and it seems return he will if Greg McLean has anything to do with it.

Frightfest's Alan Jones' twitter revealed through AITH that Wolf Creek 2 is now being actively developed and that is with Greg McLean. Unfortunately there aren't any further details on the project, that's about all we know, apart from the fact that the bad guy Taylor will be back.

While back in 2008 I thought that this might be a good move, there's a little questioning doubt in my mind right now. I'm thinking of what McLean as written and directed since, Rogue, a film that really didn't do as well as Wolf Creek and focussed on a giant killer crocodile.

Mind you Wolf Creek rates slightly lower than Rogue on IMDB, but then twenty two and a half thousand people voted for Wolf Creek and seven thousand eight hundred voted for Rogue.

So my point? Well Rogue wasn't Wolf Creek, not by a long shot, and it could be argued that McLean is returning to Wolf Creek now that Rogue hasn't been the success they thought. Perhaps he didn't want to turn to Wolf Creek 2 when there was another film to be made.

Could it be clinging to the past, trying to get back the success of Wolf Creek, or is it the right thing to do? You could view it or spin it either way, and I hope it's because a sequel to the original just didn't seem possible and the writer/director wanted to get Rogue made before returning.

Either way, I'm still keen for Wolf Creek 2, if you aren't you should see the original.



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