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Zhang Ziyi's live action Mulan project gains director

ZhangZiyi.jpgZhang Ziyi has been pushing for a live action version of the Disney animated film Mulan for a long time and finally it looks like she's getting her wish as a strong action/adventure director joins the project.

There's already a script awaiting and Ziyi is set to play Hua Mulan in the story first told in a sixth century poem that tells of the legendary young woman who becomes a soldier in the all-male Chinese army.

The director behind the film is none other than Jan De Bont, more known for the big Hollywood films than the independent funded as this Mulan film will be. Think Speed, Twister and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life and you're on the right track, let's just forget the Speed sequel shall we?

The Hollywood Reporter has the story of his appointment to the film and it's one that the producers are very happy about, no wonder too, he's a pretty big name that could easily attract more money and backing to the production, not that Zhang Ziyi and the possibility of the live action version of the story haven't already attracted a fair amount.

”...the perfect opportunity to bring to the screen the ideal synthesis of western and Chinese movie making skills with both a top actress and director, each of whom is globally recognized for their commercial and artistic success in equal measure.”

Those were the words of one of the producers, happy indeed, but I wonder how De Bont will fair with the film and working with the Chinese production?

The production is set to head to Shanghai and the report tells us that casting is already out looking for English speaking actors and actresses to take up the other leading roles including Hua Mulan's family and younger brother. No word of silly soldiers who like to dress up in women's clothing or tiny cute creatures, so I'd guess they're returning to the true story and not following Disney so much!



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