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October 29, 2010

Kwanten to play Charles Manson

Ryan Kwanten is set to play Charles Manson in a film that is just starting its long road to production. From the early accounts it seems that the film will concentrate on the time period where Manson and his followers committed murders together and won't be a biographical film of...

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Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol filming in Dubai

Well that's the title for the fourth M:I film which Tom Cruise announced and said that he was wanting the franchise to get away from numbering in the title. Could this be all there is to the massive change around that was talked about from the beginning? Well looking at...

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Paris I'll Kill You horror version of Paris Je t'aime

Paris Je t'aime (Filmstalker review) was a great film and suggested that we could be seeing a series of films from around the world's greatest cities with the best directors making short films that represent what that city means to them. Sounds great and it worked well for that first...

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TRON altered for Blu-ray release

At first I was horrified. Has the director of TRON, Steven Lisberger, gone mad? Has he done a George Lucas and altered parts of the original film to make it into a new version, and probably a CG one filled with fluffy animals and stupid kid-friendly moments? The answer is...

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TRON: Legacy preview

Last night I was sitting in the cinema watching the twenty-three minute footage for TRON: Legacy 3D, and there were a number of things that surprised me about it, not good surprises either, but at the same time the in-world footage looked and sounded fantastic. While I can say that...

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October 28, 2010

Cellda 211 (Cell 211) to be remade

Cellda 211 (Cell 211) is a Spanish film that was released in 2009 and is about to get the Hollywood treatment, the good news is that Paul Haggis may be directing and that means we could end up with a strong thriller. The film tells the story of a new...

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Scream 4 not the end of original characters?

I had thought, and I think a lot of other people had, that the return of the characters form the original Scream franchise for the fourth film was a move to hand over to a younger cast of characters who would take the Scream franchise forwards on their own, and...

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Ice trailer shows big cast

I must admit that I can't hear the word Ice without leaping into a song, can you guess which one? However this is not the time, for Ice is a new film about a catastrophic climate change that begins to change the planet forever, and dares to utter the chilling...

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October 27, 2010

Top Gun 2 row brewing over plot?

It's not a week ago that we heard there was a Top Gun sequel on the move and that the film would have to be rather different from the original for the training of pilots had dramatically changed from aerial combat training to bombing runs as we've seen in Iraq...

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Indiana Jones quadrilogy goes 3D, will the next film?

George Lucas is busy pushing the Star Wars films through a conversion process that makes a flat piece of paper look like 3D by cutting around the objects and waving them around in front of the camera, at least that's what it looks like in the conversions we've seen so...

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The Dark Knight Rises announced

Christopher Nolan revealed two incredible shockers today, please note the dripping irony and sarcasm in there which will be directed at the second of the two reveals. The first reveal is the title of the new Batman films, The Dark Knight Rises. It's a good title, especially considering what he's...

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Rabbit Hole trailer, a Kidman career performance?

The trailer for Rabbit Hole has some dips, but for the most part the imagery is really powerful and the moments that Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart are very well played, for Kidman who takes most of the screen in the trailer, you could already be mentioning awards. For the...

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New International trailer for Faster

There's a new trailer online for the film that bids a welcome return for Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, to action thrillers, and his career has been suffering for it. Now though it looks like he's back on strong ground, especially with this new trailer. Faster tells the story of...

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Cameron produced Sanctum 3D trailer online

I do get tired of films being sold on the back of “so-and-so produced”, however with James Cameron it means something, especially now. What it means is that you're getting the best 3D techniques and filming that you possibly can in a film. Now while you might not want 3D,...

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Aronofsky's directing serialised Machine Man

Last year I wrote about Max Barry's scripts, three of them actually, being picked up by studios – Company, Jennifer Government and Machine Man. Now news is out that Machine Man has a director, once Barry finishes the story of course, and it's going to be Darren Aronofsky. There's no...

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Thriller to be turned into a film?

It seems that the Michael Jackson classic Thriller is going to be made into a film, as GK Films are in negotiations to get the rights to allow them to take the story from the video and turn it into a film. It seems rather strange if you ask me,...

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October 26, 2010

Black Death

Blu-ray Three Stars
I had a view of what Black Death would be, a Christopher Smith horror film set in England during the time of the plague where a group of religious knights head off in search of a witch to take her back for religious punishment, and no doubt a slow and...

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Room in Rome (Habitación en Roma)

DVD Four Stars
I wasn't sure about Room in Rome (Habitación en Roma), especially after the trailer I had seen. It's perhaps a popular view when you've watched the trailer and read the blurb, but to be honest it's wrong. I was actually surprised by how engaged I became in the film, how...

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Warner Bros. ACME company gets film

Remember in all those cartoons, particularly Roadrunner, that there would be an ACME corporation supplying the strangest, most deadliest, and always most faulty (at least in the hands of the evil characters) gadgets by mail order? Well the word is that there's a script about the ACME corporation on the...

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Coppola's horror-thriller with Val Kilmer

Francis Ford Coppola has his next film in his sights and it's being described as a thriller with touches of horror. It's based on a short story that Coppola wrote and already has an interesting cast lined up. There's not much more on the story itself, but the cast line...

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Iannucci talks Out the Window

Armando Iannucci has been doing some press in America for the release of In the Loop, and while there he revealed the truth about his latest film, Out the Window and what it's really about, the effects of exposure on the Internet. Remember that video of the guy with the...

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Update: Álex de la Iglesia's (Balada Triste de Trompeta) The Last Circus trailer

The teaser trailer for Álex de la Iglesia's Balada Triste de Trompeta, otherwise known as The Last Circus teaser trailer, has arrived online and there's one thing I can say, clowns with machine guns doing a Heat moment are pretty damn awesome on screen. The film is set in a...

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Ong Bak 3 teaser trailer

There's not that much to the Ong Bak 3 teaser trailer that is advertising the upcoming on demand release of the film featuring Tony Jaa, but there's enough to make your eyes widen, and from all accounts and the evidence of the last two films, there's more and more to...

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October 25, 2010

Michael Mann reveals talks three projects

While Michael Mann was being interviewed he revealed something rather exciting, what his next two projects are going to be. The first is the story of the war photographer Robert Capa, the second is an epic medieval story of the battle of Agincourt and the third is a mafia film....

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Tony Scott wants new Top Gun film

I struggle to believe this, but when there are quotes attributed directly to Tony Scott then it has to be true. The original director is returning to make a follow up film to Top Gun. There's been talk of a new Top Gun film, but it wouldn't be a direct...

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October 23, 2010

Gibson versus Tyson? Is Hollywood hypocrisy in casting criminal?

News came just yesterday that Mel Gibson was to start his return to the big screen in a cameo role in The Hangover 2. It sounded an appropriate return. Then something happened. The cast and crew apparently complained about his appearance in the film and refused to act next to...

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Will The Last Broadcast remake work?

If you didn't know, The Last Broadcast is the film that most likely inspired The Blair Witch Project, and could be said to have really started the “lost footage” film craze, but then where do you say it began? Was there a film that was made before then with lost...

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October 22, 2010

The Crow remake loses director

I'm a little surprised by the news but the man who was writing and directing the remake of The Crow has dropped off the project, and while he doesn't sound too pleased he has something else to work on and the fans of the original Crow might feel a little...

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The Hobbit news erupts

There's been quite a bit of movement with The Hobbit films over the last couple of days, from threats to back downs to casting and the news that the project might finally be happening...again. It's all exciting news, but with the announcement of casting, which isn't a real surprise, it...

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Unknown trailer looks amazing

Liam Neeson always grabs your attention on screen, whatever emotion he's pouring out, and that's true of his new role in Unknown, the trailer for which has arrived online and is looking absolutely storming. It's not just Neeson, there's January Jones, Diane Kruger, Frank Langella and Aidan Quinn, a strong...

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Total Recall remake on the move?

According to all sources - I'm not going to start singing – but the remake of Total Recall is still on and there are three main contenders to play the lead role in the new version of the film, which we heard would focus more on the ability to sit...

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October 21, 2010

Howard's Forbin Project remake gains writer

April 2007 was when we heard that Colossus: The Forbin Project was looking to be remade with Ron Howard directing the project, and we've heard nothing more until now. According to the report Jason Rothenberg is writing the script for the film, with the story telling us that he's also...

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Shyamalan's next secret film

It seems that the latest secret project from M. Night Shyamalan hasn't been doing that well while it's been touted around for a deal, despite coming with some big stars attached it's been shelved according to reports. Now he has a new film on the go, one that he's directing...

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Update: Phantasm sequel?...and John Dies at the End?

The information is thin on the ground but it is coming from none other than Don Coscarelli, writer and director of Bubba Ho-Tep (Filmstalker review) and the Phantasm series of films, not forgetting The Beastmaster! So the hints are thin, but they are coming from the writer and director of...

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I Love You Phillip Morris red band trailer

I Love You Phillp Morris seems to have been sitting in Hollywood purgatory for a long time, it did see quite a wide release country wise, but many of them have been limited and it's never really seen its true potential. Finally it's getting a US release on the 3rd...

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Snipes still wants Blade sequel, tackles Martin Luther King

You know if Bruce Willis can return for two more Die Hards (news from yesterday) then why can't Wesley Snipes return for more Blade films? It looks like Snipes wants to as he keeps talking about it, and his latest comments reveal he'd still like to do it, despite a...

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Rival Jack Ryan film in development?

It seems that while the reboot of the Jack Ryan franchise is happy to forget Tom Clancy and move on, Hollywood isn't, and another production has picked up the rights to a Tom Clancy novel and is set to adapt that into a film. Not just that, but the writer...

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Day of the Triffids returns

I talked on the Filmstalker Facebook Page a little while ago about another version of The Day of the Triffids, from the original book by John Wyndham (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), but there wasn't a lot to the story back then. Now though Mandate Pictures have won the rights to the...

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The Rite trailer online

Anthony Hopkins as the old priest passing on his experience of exorcism to a younger priest as they perform an exorcism on a young girl that the young priest initially thinks is a mental condition sounds rather familiar. Yet while the trailer suggests a commonality with films, including the classic...

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New Burlesque trailer online

There's a new trailer online for Burlesque, well I thought it was new until I watched the first half, and then the second half came and I started to rethink that, and in the final third there's definitely a lot of new footage outside of the club. The new footage...

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October 20, 2010

Willis wants Die Hard 5 and 6

Yes, Bruce Willis has actually said out loud that he wants a fifth and a sixth Die Hard before he gets too old to do any more action, something that he keeps proving he's not anywhere close to as yet. We know that a Die Hard 5 is in the...

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Gilroy talks Damon free Bourne

We definitely knew that Matt Damon wasn't returning for the next Bourne film when we heard that Now Tony Gilroy, the man with the idea for the next film and the task of writing and directing it, has spoken about it, and while he doesn't want any “bloggers” second guessing...

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Bruce Lee, My Brother trailer online

Bruce Lee, My Brother is a film about the early days of Bruce Lee and of the people around him he loved, his family and friends. To be honest I wasn't expecting a great deal when I started watching the trailer but before long it has a pretty epic feel...

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Affleck to direct a Big film?

I don't apologise for that title for the premise of this story is just the same as Big, as all those body swap films we've seen time and time again through the years, and there's a bit of that recent television show where the woman goes back in time to...

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October 19, 2010


Digital One Star
I'm not a big fan of Ben Stiller, but that's usually because of his comedy. I do have a belief that comic actors can make very strong dramatic actors, a great example of that is Jim Carrey, but then he's not been very lucky with the dramatic scripts he's had,...

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Verhoeven directing succubus film?

People are getting excited that Paul Verhoeven is returning toe the sexiness of films such as Basic Instinct with a new film that promises at least one sex scene. It's an excitement I can't get into myself for the power of Basic Instinct was not in the sex but in...

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Rocky Horror Picture Show remake by Glee creator?

Well there's a certain amount of synergy between the two projects, and I'm not just talking musical numbers, but it's still quite a leap to go from being the creator of Glee to the director of a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but that could be happening if...

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Biutiful trailer online

Biutiful is the latest film from writer and director Alejandro González Iñárritu who has brought us films such as 21 Grams and Babel, and it's getting some really strong praise already. There's talk of Oscars and powerful performances, and the trailer reflects that. It's amazing that a trailer can be...

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October 18, 2010

Paul International trailer online

Nick Frost and Simon Pegg are enough for me to go and see a film, but add in Greg Mottola directing a script from Frost and Pegg, a few other comedy actors such as Jason Bateman, Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogen, and the interest levels raise a little bit more....

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The Green Hornet bootlegged trailer online

I've thought a good few times about whether I'd post this or not, after all it's a trailer without any audio, but then there's something rather important about this trailer, sound or not. It shows one of the fight scenes from The Green Hornet and the style looks rather good....

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New trailer for The Fighter

I'm looking forward to The Fighter, Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Amy Adams in the David O. Russell directed story of Micky Ward who missed his chance at his boxing title but fought back against all the odds to get another crack at it. This trailer isn't as strong on the...

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Jolie's Bosnian war film out of trouble?

You might be wondering if the film was ever in trouble, well apparently it was when rumours surfaced in Bosnia-Hercegovina that the film would tell the story of a relationship formed between a Serbian soldier who rapes a Bosnian Muslim woman. Well that wouldn't cause any controversy would it? That...

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Cameron directing Jolie in Cleopatra 3D?

I'm not sure how real this rumour is because it's written rather sketchily, but there's one none the less that James Cameron is looking to create a 3D version of the story of Cleopatra with Angelina Jolie taking the leading role. The studio are apparently building momentum behind the project...

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Top Gun sequel?

One story that blew me away while I was on my short driving break was the one about a possible Top Gun sequel. I could hardly believe it, was it true that Paramount were actually looking to bring this story back to life in a new version, trying to capture...

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Hobbit begins, casting rumours and studio problems

It looks as though The Hobbit films are now officially a go with the studios, except none of the problems hanging over the production have been solved, and in fact they've been complicated by another bid to save MGM from a separate company. So with the complications and the strange...

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Update: Scream 4 trailer leaked online

The teaser trailer for Scream 4 was recorded from the Scream Awards 2010 this weekend and leaked online. Now it's not the best quality, angle or size, but compared to most hand recorded trailers it's pretty good quality, there's not even a shake. The Scream 4 trailer looks a lot...

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New Hisss trailer online

There's a brand new trailer online for Jennifer Chambers Lynch's Hisss, the film about the Indian legend of a woman who turns into a snake, or is it the other way round, to seek revenge on those who have wronged her, and it's looking pretty sexy and exciting. I'm keen...

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Van Sant's Restless trailer online

Gus Van Sant's Restless looks like it's both slightly off the tracks and a complete heart wrencher at the same time, and that's got to be a good thing hasn't it? His story follows a relationship blossoming between a hospital patient and a young man who gatecrashes funerals and sees...

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October 15, 2010

Drive Angry 3D trailer online

I must admit that I wasn't even taking much notice of the film Drive Angry 3D for quite a number of reasons, Nicolas Cage being one and the very fact that there's 3D in the title, and that's not a very promising sign. However the trailer is looking rather interesting...

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Wrecked trailer online

I wonder if Wrecked is the film to recover the career of Adrien Brody (and because I've mentioned his name I now feel the need to say Oscar winner), for of late he's hardly been delivering Oscar winner material and with the trailer for Wrecked we're seeing the setting for...

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All Good Things trailer online

All Good Things is inspired by what is described as the most notorious missing person's case in New York history, the story of Robert Durst was suspected of killing his wife who went missing and was never actually found, however he was never tried for the crime. The film is...

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October 14, 2010

The Social Network

Film Four Stars
The Social Network must have been a difficult film to make, on paper it sounds nigh on impossible to get something exciting out of, especially in Hollywood. Two law suits against a man who built one of the biggest websites in the world, showing the inside story of their lives...

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October 12, 2010

Filmstalker goes racing

I'm heading off to Thruxton race circuit tomorrow to spend Thursday racing a Mazda 3 MPS, Porsche Cayman, Lamborghini LP670-4 SV Murcielago, and a Formula Renault. Great times. I'll be back in time for the weekend and so normal service will resume then, and just as well as review copies...

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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time original screenplay online

One of the screenwriters of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time has been kind enough to release the last version of the script he worked on before it received rewrites from a number of other writers. Jordan Mechner has released the script which John August says shows the film...

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We Are the Night trailer online

While I hate the fact that the German We Are the Night trailer has been redubbed into English and the soundtrack doesn't feel quite right, there are some interesting aspects to the film that comes from the director and co-writer of the excellent Filmstalker review who co-wrote and directed this...

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October 11, 2010

Starship Troopers 4?

Can you believe there's going to be another Starship Troopers film? Did you even know there was more than one already? In fact there's three apparently, and the fourth could just be round the corner, although it won't be like the others. You know this is one franchise that really...

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Bourne Legacy without Bourne?

I'm not one to shout some silly made up word or scream about how I am great and everyone else isn't, however I really do need to say that I've been saying this point since the title for the new Bourne film was revealed and I started thinking what it...

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And Soon the Darkness trailer online

Karl Urban does do creepy very well, sorry Mr Urban, I'm sure in real life you're a very nice bloke but when you play a character with unknown morals and agenda it looks pretty good on screen, and there's a moment in the trailer for And Soon the Darkness that...

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They Live remake next year?

There was talk of a television series of They Live back in 2007, and then in 2008, when John Carpenter films began getting the remake treatment, a film version of They Live came up again. Now though, it seems like it might be a year away. Producer Eric Newman, who...

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The Thing prequel trailer leaked online

The trailer for The Thing prequel has been revealed online, shaky camera from inside the cinema style so don't expect too much, however it's out there. For the life of me I don't understand why, if the trailer is showing before films, that it isn't released online, otherwise the studios...

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Elite Squad 2 (Tropa de Elite 2) trailer online

Elite Squad (Tropa de Elite) was a strong film, a pretty dark view of the war against the drug gangs in Brazil and how the Brazilian police force have to operate and how they deal with the gangs themselves. We watched a few men's journey through that force, dealing with...

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October 8, 2010

My Social Network international trailer online

There's a new trailer online for My Social Network that tells the story a lot better than the previous ones, delivering a lot more of the characters and their relationships. It's a good trailer, in fact I think the best, although that could be heavily influenced by the fact that...

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Blue Valentine gains NC-17 and trailer

Blue Valentine stars Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling and is receiving a lot of praise for the film and the two leads performances. So hot on the heels of the story that the film has received an NC-17, which seems to be for one scene in particular, there's a trailer...

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Peter Weir's The Way Back trailer online

To begin with while I watched the trailer for The Way Back I was thinking Van Diemen's Land (Filmstalker review), and that didn't mean very happy memories for me. However continuing through the trailer gives a little more depth and width than the trailer, or indeed the film, of Van...

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows not in 3D

Now this is an interesting development, Warner Bros. have just announced that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I will no longer be released in 3D, mainly because of quality and timing issues. While that might not mean a lot to some, and perhaps a sigh of relief to...

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Jackson reveals Hobbit's haven't moved on

Despite all the excitable news that Peter Jackson was defintely directing The Hobbit, the man himself has announced that this really isn't the case and as yet the film still isn't greenlit. That's no real surprise considering the problems the production is facing in New Zealand right now from the...

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Alien prequel looks for female lead

I'm still not sure that the Alien prequels should have a female lead since the original franchise featured Sigourney Weaver's Ripley all through them, I think it's forcing the prequel to be like the franchise that it really shouldn't be, and is just a populist move to do the same...

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Aykroyd says Ghostbusters III continues

Despite the concern over the production to date and Bill Murray calling the quality of the film Year One, written by the writers of the Ghostbusters III script, it seems that Dan Aykroyd is still pushing forward with the film and is keen to see it get made, in fact...

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Affleck brothers writing The Trade

Ben Affleck has revealed that he and Casey Affleck are rewriting the Dave Mandel script for The Trade together, the film about the New York Yankees pitchers who swapped their lives and wives in a bizarre true life story. The rumour at the time was that Matt Damon was set...

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127 Hours gets new trailer

Thankfully Danny Boyle's 127 Hours has been given a new trailer, and rather than watch most of it being about the opening set-ups of the film, although we still see some of that to give us the sense of the character and what he's about, we do get to see...

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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader international trailer

Wow, what a title that is, and I don't fancy repeating The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader too often. To be honest I didn't fancy seeing the film based on the previous trailers, frankly there didn't seem to be anything to it. However this trailer has...

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October 7, 2010

Update: Faster red band and non-red band trailers online

Awesome, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is indeed back. I said it with the few trailers we've seen to date, but this red band trailer for Faster cements it for sure, Johnson is back to his all action goodness and the silliness of the kids stuff is behind him...for this film...

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Another Tamara Drewe trailer online

I started out thinking that this wouldn't be a new trailer for Stephen Frear's Tamara Drewe, I spend so much time looking at trailers that aren't that new and are hardly worth writing about, but then there's more footage to this one and this different cut gives quite the different...

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El Secreto de sus Ojos (The Secret in their Eyes) gets Hollywood remake

El Secreto de sus Ojos (Secret in their Eyes) is currently ranked in the top two hundred and fifty films on IMDB and with the slow burning success it's received it's now set for a Hollywood remake, and yet it's still receiving first time releases in some countries. The film...

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Steve McQueen's dream film gains writer

We've heard most of this story before, but the real salient part is that the never realised film from Steve McQueen called Yucatan is finally going to see production, or at this stage at least, a script. McQueen had books of ideas on the film including the mapping out of...

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Gravity loses lead, gains another?

Gravity tried to get Angelina Jolie to join the production twice and had to move on to another actress, now it seems as though they're in the same boat as news arrives that Natalie Portman has turned down the role as well. Now it's that great feel good feeling of...

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October 6, 2010

DreamWorks making Halo?

It seems that DreamWorks are keen to tread where Fox and Universal failed to run, or walk, or even crawl by taking up the adaptation of the videogame Halo, or rather not the videogame adaptation but an adaptation of one of the spin off novels. Why is that? Well it's...

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A Few Good Men reunion?

There's a story out that Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise could be reuniting in film once more, while they provided one of the most memorable moments of recent film history in A Few Good Men, if the inside sources are true then they probably aren't going to again. I say...

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Idris Elba in Marvel contract for superhero?

Idris Elba really grabbed American audiences with his performance in The Wire, and he's going to do something similar with his performance in Luther which is set to hit BBC America this month, but he's not done, and he's revealed that he has a contract with Marvel that extends beyond...

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New Superman plot discovered?

Speculation is, of course, rife on how Christopher Nolan and David Goyer have managed to bring a new version of Superman to the page, and the recent news that Zack Snyder has been assigned to direct the film has shown that it's moving forward with some pace now. However we...

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Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night trailer online

I'm really interested to see how this Japanese sequel to Paranormal Activity (Filmstalker review) goes, and if it can address some of the issues that the first film had, so I was rather excited to watch the trailer. The idea for Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night is that a Japanese exchange...

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I Spit On Your Grave red band trailer

I was warned that this trailer was really not safe for work and more before I watched it, and indeed there are some more scenes of impending peril and some blood and slight gore scenes, but I think it's the last scene of torture that really is the winner of...

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October 5, 2010

Burke and Hare trailer online

The trailer for the John Landis directed Burke and Hare has arrived, and the opening shot of Edinburgh Castle is great to see and the rest of it does a pretty good job of living up to that opening shot. Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis star as the two men...

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The Tempest trailer arrives

Julie Taymor's tackling of William Shakespeare's The Tempest sounds like a Kenneth Branagh adaptation - the huge cast, the epic story, and the effects laden visually rich interpretation. The Tempest looks really good, and with the cast behind it you'll be getting even more excited - Helen Mirren, Alfred Molina,...

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Transformers 3, the best yet says LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf is nothing if not the dream of the film marketing companies, for he'll hype up a film for all he's worth, although to be fair he's not above calling it as it is as well. So for Transformers 3 he's been talking about how this is the best...

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Japanese Ghost remake trailer online

It isn't just Hollywood that's remaking foreign films, we've been hearing news of Hollywood films being remade in the last few years from Bollywood to Japan, and it's the latter that has the latest remake of a Hollywood film, Ghost. Taking the film starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore as...

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Closing Credits: Stephen J. Cannell

Stephen J. Cannell died on Thursday 30th of September aged 69. He was a huge force in American television, television that travelled the world and became some of the most iconic television series. He is credited with creating over twenty television shows, series like The Rockford Files, The A-Team, 21...

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Superman directed by Zack Snyder

An unusual choice indeed, but Zack Snyder is the man who will be directing the next Superman film, developed from an idea by Christopher Nolan and written by David Goyer, the new Superman is going to reboot the entire franchise drawing a line under both Christopher Reeves and Brandon Routh/Bryan...

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True Grit full trailer online

It seems the previous trailer for True Grit was not the full trailer, whereas this trailer most certainly is. There are vast improvements and the character of Rooster Cogburn looks fantastic with Jeff Bridges looking like he could be headed for much acclaim in the role. The rest of the...

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Bourne 4 gains director, to replace lead?

The fourth Bourne film, which I hear is tentatively titled The Bourne Legacy, has just appointed a director, Tony Gilroy, the man who wrote the screenplays for the franchise as well as a number of other huge scripts, and directed Michael Clayton and Duplicity (Filmstalker review). He's certainly proven he...

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Willis updates Die Hard V and Expendables 2

Bruce Willis has been saying a few words about both Die Hard V and The Expendables 2, and while most is hopeful conjecture as we always see from a lot of stars wanting franchises to continue and take them with them, however with Die Hard there's a lot more meat...

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October 4, 2010

Second Meredith Kercher murder film

The other day I wrote about a film that was being started about the murder of Meredith Kercher in a small Italian village and the three people, her room mate Amanda Knox, Knox's boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito and another man Rudy Guede, who were found guilty of committing the murder. Hayden...

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Original cast in Fright Night?

The Fright Night remake is well under way and we had thought that it was going to be another full out remake, but then there are some rumours going about that suggest it might be more of a loose sequel than anything, but then I have to admit that my...

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Great Gatsby remake with DiCaprio?

Baz Luhrmann talked about a remake of The Great Gatsby back in December of 2008 soon after he acquired the rights to the story and he was talking about moving fast on the rights, something that hasn't really happened, but there's now some rumours appearing about casting on the film....

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The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest “trailer” online

This is far from a trailer and is just a series of snapshots from The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest in no particular order, telling anyone who hasn't seen the films or the books absolutely no story progression at all, faded in and out with the annoyingly fast Hollywood...

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Paranormal Activity 2 new trailer

There's a new trailer online for Paranormal Activity 2 filled with the pre-requisite flashes of other images through just about every scene change. Am I sounding a little cynical? Well that's because I am, and it's also a little annoying that there's not a decent version around that we can...

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Burlesque second trailer online

I don't remember seeing this trailer appear before, but then I wasn't sure if it was new or not until I watched it. This trailer for Burlesque has more footage from the film and a lot more story to it, letting us see more of the characters, and not just...

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Catfish theatrical trailer online

There's a new cut of the Catfish trailer, or rather the full theatrical trailer is online, and it's looking interesting, although I'm sure even the trailer gets your mind going at what could be the outcome or the big twist in the film. The film is a fake documentary and...

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Death Race 2, the prequel trailer online

First thing that needs to be said about Death Race 2 is that it's going straight to DVD and Blu-ray, second is that it's a prequel to the first prequel that we saw from Paul W.S. Anderson who writes this but doesn't direct, and the last is that there are...

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October 3, 2010

Filmstalker Film Club: Round 5 Special – IndieMoviesOnline Shorts

We've decided that every now and again, probably every three rounds of the Film Club, we're going to do a special. Now that could mean anything at all, but for this special we're visiting a site called IndieMoviesOnline.com, a site that offers free films for you to watch online, no...

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October 1, 2010

Filmstalker Film Club Round 10: Voting

Although we're only on Round 5 of the Filmstalker Film Club and there are about seven more waiting to be published (that's including some specials), we're still going ahead with recording them and it has come round to my choice of topic. We'll be recording a round for Tony Curtis...

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Michael Caine unravels Inception

It is a brief unravel, but it's another one that adds to the behind the scenes reveal from the costume designer who had some very clear ideas on which way the ending of Inception (Filmstalker review - No spoilers) went. Now adding Michael Caine's comments about his character's involvement, I...

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Eminem joining 360

Fernando Meirelles' film 360 has already been getting some interesting cast members, Rachel Weisz and Anthony Hopkins have already signed to the film, and now Frances McDormand is being touted as a possibility to join the cast, along with the rather surprising name of Eminem. I wrote about the storyline...

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Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance plot and devil casting

There's some casting news online regarding the new Ghost Rider film and with it comes more details of the plot. Now while it wouldn't normally tickle my fancy, there's something rather surprising about the casting for the role of the devil in the story that has me thinking. Could this...

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Emma Thompson replaces Torn in Men in Black III

Men in Black is going through a few changes this third time round, not least with the swapping of the head of the organisation as Rip Torn is replaced with Emma Thompson, perhaps due to the recent media attention he's received, regardless the boss is changing. Returning though are Will...

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Bernie gains cast, loses Weekend At...

Now some will try and argue that this is not a remake of Weekend at Bernie's, but we'll come to that part in a minute. First let me tell you the casting announcements for this dark comedy from director Richard Linklater entitled Bernie. Honestly, I'm not making it up. The...

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The Warrior's Way stunning trailer

I saw the link for The Warrior's Way and thought that it was another samurai film with wire fighting, don't get me wrong I enjoy them, but there didn't appear to be anything special. Then I saw the cast list. Jang Dong Gun, Kate Bosworth, Danny Huston and Geoffrey Rush....

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Alien prequels in difficulty?

It seems that there might be the usual conflict between director and studio on the Alien prequels, as we've seen so many times before the director wants R rated, no compromise Alien prequels, while the studio want that PG-13, easy to market, rating. Not just that but apparently Ridley Scott's...

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Affleck considering Tales from the Gangster Squad

You know it's really early on in Ben Affleck's directing career to be saying this but I think in the future he's going to be a huge force in film, and that's a not too distant future at that. The Town (Filmstalker review) was superb, beating his previous excellent film...

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Zemeckis back to the future? Superman?

See what I did there? I was talking about going Robert Zemeckis returning to the topic of time travel for a new feature film and I used his trilogy Back to the Future as a pun, like it? No, I didn't either. The exciting thing though is not so much...

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