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A Few Good Men reunion?

AFewGoodMen.jpgThere's a story out that Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise could be reuniting in film once more, while they provided one of the most memorable moments of recent film history in A Few Good Men, if the inside sources are true then they probably aren't going to again.

I say that because they are set to appear in an action comedy called El Presidente written by Dan Goor, who wrote for The Daily Show and Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and so far that doesn't sound like A Few Good Men material.

The story of El Presidente hasn't been fully revealed but it apparently centres on a bumbling and degenerate ex-President (how ridiculous and unlike real life is that then?) to whom a dedicated Secret Service agent is assigned to protect.

Still, it'll be good to see the two of them together again, if the story is true that is, for the usual inside sources are talked about when the article in the L.A. Times 24 Frames says that Warner Bros. have made an offer to Jack Nicholson to play the President and Tom Cruise is apparently already attached to the film.

There's no confirmation yet, but I'm sure it's coming, and it would be great to see these two together in a film again, after all we all love those scenes and that combative relationship, and it would be...

Wait a minute. We're already being pushed the comparison to the last time these two acted together and to the excellent film A Few Good Men, but this was a totally different film (obviously) and a totally different set of characters and relationships.

In that film what made it, and the relationship between Cruise and Nicholson, so powerful was the fact they were against each each other, the old dog and the young upstart, and the relationship filled with anger, resentment and indeed hatred.

In the action comedy relationship they're going to be buddies to a degree, surely there'll be some resentment from the agent for having to look after the ex-President who probably isn't well thought of, and there will be some back from the ex-President because he has to be looked after. However just that resentment isn't enough to build the strength and power we felt on screen when they last appeared together.

I fear that this film is going to deliver a lacklustre and limp film built on a relationship that will feel very similar when compared to the previous time these two actors were together.



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