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Blue Valentine gains NC-17 and trailer

BlueValentine.jpgBlue Valentine stars Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling and is receiving a lot of praise for the film and the two leads performances. So hot on the heels of the story that the film has received an NC-17, which seems to be for one scene in particular, there's a trailer online.

The film looks at a married couple's relationship who are on the brink of splitting up. The film follows their relationship to the present day and how their love fades from something all consuming by cutting back and forth across different moments in their lives together.

I read somewhere, and my apologies I can't remember where now, that one reviewer who had seen the film early couldn't think of why it would receive such a high certificate apart from one scene, which didn't seem to merit it.

That was a moment where the couple are really trying to rekindle their love and the man wants to have sex with his wife, but she doesn't although she just lets it happen for the sake of the relationship and to make him happy, and he realises this and it leads to quite a bit of resentment between them both and I suspect a lot more to boot.

I'm just going to take a moment to complain yet again about the site that hosts the trailers, Yahoo Movies Flash player is one of the worst I've encountered online. There's no ability to pause and buffer the film and you have to rely on their buffering, which seems to be somewhere in the region of one second and delivers so slowly you always end up with six or more huge pauses in the length of one trailer. It's terrible.

Saying that I've embedded the trailer for Blue Valentine for you here, but I'd recommend hitting the high definition button and download the trailer. Here it is from Yahoo Movies through The Playlist.

I think, despite the obvious playback problems, that the trailer looks okay, it's actually the description of the story and that scene that has me more interested. In fact that scene more than anything, it does connect with something very real and perhaps if I'm truthful a little personal from my own past.



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