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Day of the Triffids returns

DayoftheTriffids.jpgI talked on the Filmstalker Facebook Page a little while ago about another version of The Day of the Triffids, from the original book by John Wyndham (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), but there wasn't a lot to the story back then.

Now though Mandate Pictures have won the rights to the film and with Sam Raimi's Ghost House producing it, this could be a much darker film than we've seen to date. What's more interesting is that Raimi wants to direct it.

There are a lot of bigger names involved in the production of this version of the project, there were other possibilities that were as exciting but this one won out, but the key here is that Ghost House are producing and Sam Raimi may well direct.

There's no word on the writer as yet in the Deadline Hollywood Daily story, but I wonder if Raimi will take up the task as well as direct or if he'll hand it off to someone else.

For those of you who don't remember the story, a worldwide meteorite storm causes a wondrous light show in the sky which happens to blind everyone who is looking up at the time, disasters happen all over, but the biggest is that ninety nine percent of the population are left blind.

The meteors release spores across the planet which grow into plants, plants which can actually move rather than be rooted to one spot, and not only that but they feed on humans. Now with the population blind and defenceless, Earth is a feeding frenzy and breeding ground for them. However there is still a small section of humanity left who can fight back.

A recent BBC mini-series took a good crack at the story, and while it still struggled to make the man-eating plants seem dangerous and real, it did do a good job with the rest of the story.

I think what we have to think about more is the vision of the man-eating plant we saw in The Ruins (Filmstalker review), now that idea of a plant that kills people worked really well I thought, but the idea of a plant shuffling around with pseudo arms, legs, head, mouth and tongue isn't really the way to go. Even Raimi would struggle to make that menacing and believable, wouldn't he?



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