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El Secreto de sus Ojos (The Secret in their Eyes) gets Hollywood remake

TheSecretintheirEyes.jpgEl Secreto de sus Ojos (Secret in their Eyes) is currently ranked in the top two hundred and fifty films on IMDB and with the slow burning success it's received it's now set for a Hollywood remake, and yet it's still receiving first time releases in some countries.

The film comes from the novel by Eduardo Sacheri, adapted by both himself and Juan José Campanella for Campanella to direct. It tells the story of a retired legal counsellor who is writing a novel about one of his unresolved murder cases from twenty five years ago, something that he hopes will help him find closure for both the case and some personal issues in his own life.

El Secreto de sus Ojos (The Secret in their Eyes) was released in the UK on 13th August 2010, it started in a few countries from August 2009 with a scattered worldwide release all through 2010 gaining praise and momentum as it went. It's only seen a limited release in the US on 16th April 2010 and is yet to see a release in Hungary and Germany, so I'm sure this is a record for a remake, a film still yet to be released in some countries, and a foreign language Oscar winner.

The news from The Hollywood Reporter is that Billy Ray is set to write and direct the Hollywood version of the film, and while his directing only includes Shattered Glass and Breach, his writing has some titles on there such as Hart's War, Flightplan, Breach, State of Play and the upcoming Westworld.

Some of those films haven't been complete packages or have been superbly received, and yet there's a lot of positives in many of those films that can be translated to the excellent El Secreto de sus Ojos (The Secret in their Eyes).

So the great news is that the story is being moved to America and set in the modern day. Speaking about the work ahead Ray said:

”I want to try to make the movie that Anthony Minghella would have made from this material. Or Alan Pakula...I know that's setting the bar high, but it's the only reason to take something like this on. I am beyond excited about it, feeling truly privileged that a studio would take a shot on this kind of material.”

Actually I really like those comparisons and they are pretty impressive and clever choices for the vision of the film direction, however he is right, it's a huge job to undertake, and an Oscar winning film no less, could this really be as good as The Departed (Filmstalker review) remake of Infernal Affairs (Filmstalker review) was or as the recent Let Me In remake of Let The Right One In (Filmstalker review), is reported to be?

Tall order indeed, and the reels haven't stopped spinning on the original yet, you think they might have let it continue its run first.



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