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Eminem joining 360

Eminem.jpgFernando Meirelles' film 360 has already been getting some interesting cast members, Rachel Weisz and Anthony Hopkins have already signed to the film, and now Frances McDormand is being touted as a possibility to join the cast, along with the rather surprising name of Eminem.

I wrote about the storyline on Filmstalker's Facebook Page when Weisz was announced as joining the cast and the circular notion of scenes of romantic liaisons sounded intriguing.

Let me recap on what the story is going to be about, it's inspired by the Arthur Schnitzler play called Reigen and will feature a similar core to the play. The film will open with a scene of a romantic liaison, either pre or post sexual act, the next scene will see another liaison with one character from the previous scene, the scene after that will feature a character from the previous, and so on until the final scene where the characters in each liaison come full circle.

It's quite a tall order for the script to manage to build the story and the characters and then keep the story flowing through these scenes with the characters changing on alternate scenes it's going to have an uphill struggle. So it's good then that Peter Morgan has written it, for if someone can pull out the characters and concentrate on them it's going to be Morgan who is all about the characters and the relationships.

So with Rachel Weisz and Anthony Hopkins on the project already it's gathering some weight, no offence to Ms Weisz of course. Add in Morgan, the source material and Fernando Meirelles, and then the film is sounding a pretty serious drama, regardless of the sexual aspect, so the story from Production Weekly through Moviefone that Eminem is in talks for the film seems rather surprising.

Of course 8 Mile was a pretty serious drama and Eminem did a good job in it, and so there shouldn't be a real surprise that he returns to it. I think what is surprising is just how strong the cast and those behind the film are looking, it's quite a leap forward for Eminem considering that its eight years since 8 Mile.

It's a big leap for him, but I wonder if this is a sign that he might well be turning back to acting.



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