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Filmstalker Film Club Round 10: Voting

Microphone.jpgAlthough we're only on Round 5 of the Filmstalker Film Club and there are about seven more waiting to be published (that's including some specials), we're still going ahead with recording them and it has come round to my choice of topic.

We'll be recording a round for Tony Curtis films without a doubt, but it's my research for the Closing Credits: Tony Curtis article that found the final film in my topic choice for this Round. Read on to find out what the films are and to have a hand in voting for them.

My topic choice had been mid-life crisis films, something that I feel rather strongly about considering I'm about to become forty, but I just couldn't find the elusive third film to match my other choices. Then it struck me while I was working through the career of Tony Curtis.

He starred in a number of Blake Edwards films, and the two films I'd already chosen for the mid-life crisis topic just happened to be from Edwards, so I grabbed another mid-life crisis related film from Edwards career and came up with the three choices for Round 10: Blake Edwards mid-life crisis films.

The Man Who Loved Women (1983)
This is a remake of the Francois Truffaut film of the same name from 1977, although the French title is L'homme qui aimait les femmes and starred Charles Denner. Edwards version of the film stars Burt Reynolds, Julie Andrews, Kim Basinger, Marilu Henner, Sela Ward, Denise Crosby and Barry Corbin amongst a pretty big cast.

Edwards and his son Geoffrey wrote this version along with Milton Wexler who was a Hollywood psychoanalyst and co-wrote That's Life!, another Edwards film. It tells a similar tale to a lot of Edwards' films, a man has a major womanising problem and is trying psychiatry to cure him of the obsession. The story of his sexual and romantic exploits is told by his female psychiatrist.

10 (1979)
The classic Blake Edwards film and iconic for the appearance of the stunning Bo Derek and another excellent performance from Dudley Moore. It also stars Julie Andrews, Robert Webber, Dee Wallace, Brian Dennehy, and another big cast list including a few adult stars making passing appearances.

Blake Edwards wrote and directed the film and this time the mid-life crisis story is about a man hitting his crisis and becoming obsessed with one stunning newly married woman, wildly out of his league and much younger than him.

Skin Deep (1989)
John Ritter gives one of his best performances in the Blake Edwards written and directed film which sees a man in the depths of a mid-life crisis, struggling to write he turns into a drunken, womanising mess and at every turn seems to sabotage his own life, a life that is rapidly falling apart. Through the comedy of the many different types of women, from ex-wife to female body builder, he engages with there are some surprisingly deep issues addressed, despite the, glow in the dark condoms and burning pianos.

Vincent Gardenia, Alyson Reed, Joel Brooks, Julianne Phillips, Chelsea Field, Peter Donat and Denise Crosby, star amongst another long cast list.

Now I have my personal choice, but I suspect that's going to fall by the wayside as everyone votes for something completely different, I'm hopeful though.

So get voting. The winner will be announced in a week and we'll be recording the audiocast soon after, we've had a wee break since Mark and his wife had a new arrival recently and he's been a tad busy, and if you'd like to join in with it then get in touch, or if you just want to make some points, raise some questions, or just get a mention then watch the winning film, email in and we'll do just that.

In the meantime, watch out for Round 6 going online in the next few days.



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