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Iannucci talks Out the Window

ArmandoIannucci.jpgArmando Iannucci has been doing some press in America for the release of In the Loop, and while there he revealed the truth about his latest film, Out the Window and what it's really about, the effects of exposure on the Internet.

Remember that video of the guy with the lightsaber going hell for leather? That's what this film is about, not so much the release of the video on the internet, but the effects it has on the person afterwards.

Mind you, I never saw that video as totally sad, that guy was doing what a lot of us have done in private, or would like to do, and he was going all out for it. When have any of us given that kind of commitment to something we loved? Well, I give up most my life for this site so I guess there's something!

Anyway, back to the point in hand. Speaking through The Guardian and Empire we hear what Armando Iannucci's next film is about.

"It's the story of a guy who works in a glass-fronted office building and one day he scratches his armpit. Somebody films it, puts it on YouTube with a soundtrack of monkey noises. It ruins his life. So this guy spends the rest of the film trying to track down the bastard who made him known the world over as Scratchy Monkey."

Now that's interesting. I am guessing that initially he's incredibly angry and frustrated at his exposure and perhaps struggles with the recognition for such a silly act, but then maybe he comes to terms with it on his journey to find the person responsible and actually begins to enjoy it a little. All the way filled with the excellent humour that Iannucci can drop into his scripts.

I wonder who the cast will be and if we'll get to see some great British talent in there again? Definitely.

There's also a little announcement about an Alan Partridge film. Oh yes, he's editing it. He also kills some rumours about that film saying that Alan is not going to the U.S., he's still very much where we left him, hoping that the rise in popularity in radio stars of yesteryear will result in his return to fame, or indeed his first arrival at it. No such luck for him I'm afraid. "A-haa!"



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