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Idris Elba in Marvel contract for superhero?

IdrisElba.jpgIdris Elba really grabbed American audiences with his performance in The Wire, and he's going to do something similar with his performance in Luther which is set to hit BBC America this month, but he's not done, and he's revealed that he has a contract with Marvel that extends beyond the upcoming Thor from Kenneth Branagh.

More than that he's started speculating about who he would like to play in the superhero world, after all if he's revealed he's contracted with the company pumping out comic book characters onto the big screen then he's surely going to be delivering a superhero performance soon, isn't he?

Idris Elba has certainly exploded in America, and with huge thanks to The Wire, and while Luther will help him cement that position it's Thor that's going to turn him in a more popular direction, a direction it seems he's rather happy to be going in.

I say that because I read the other day in Total Film that he's actually signed a long term contract with Marvel, the company behind Thor, now that can't really be to keep his character of Heimdall going in more Thor films, or the story in The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision that he's looking at the role of a monk in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance could it? No, I don't think any of us believe that, surely it's to take the lead of a superhero film and perhaps a franchise?

Forgive me for stating the obvious too, but he'll be stepping into very sparse area, populated by two, the black superhero. It's not through lack of characters to adapt, it's just that there haven't been many black superheroes, and as far as I can recall there's only been two.

So far we've seen Blade and Hancock, and many don't think that Hancock is too deserving of the category of superhero, but I think he is, and whether you agree or not there's plenty of space for more, in fact audiences should be demanding it, especially considering the wealth of actors out there to play the roles.

Looking at the story from MTV he reveals that there are a couple of options for him, although he would love to bring back Blade (and I think that's a cracking idea) he says there are a couple of options that Marvel have, Luke Cage included.

It does look very much like Elba has the pick of the superheroes and that he's going to be the next move for Marvel, and with a deal that sounds like it's spans more than one film, perhaps we're looking at a franchise for him? Blade? Cage? Who else?



Spike from X-Men? Or the Thunderer (he appeared in the Spider-Man "Six Forgotten Warriors" episodes. But then again, Marvel made Samuel L. Jackson Nick Fury (who was white in the comics).


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