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Indiana Jones quadrilogy goes 3D, will the next film?

IndianaJones.jpgGeorge Lucas is busy pushing the Star Wars films through a conversion process that makes a flat piece of paper look like 3D by cutting around the objects and waving them around in front of the camera, at least that's what it looks like in the conversions we've seen so far. Pitiful is too good a word for them. Now word is that he's going to do the same to the Indiana Jones quadrilogy.

Not intent with putting 3D animals and nuclear resistant fridges in the last Indiana Jones outing and reworking scenes in all the original Star Wars as well as ensuring that we lose the original films over time, he's going to convert the beloved trilogy of Indiana Jones into 3D, and probably add some 3D gophers and monkeys along the way.

We already know that George Lucas is hacking away at the Star Wars films yet again, converting them to 3D and then releasing them all in their title order, although we don't believe he's adding any new footage just yet – wait till he sees the first lightsaber fight in 3D and decides to reshoot it with sabers flying at the camera and Jedi mind tricks throwing everything towards the audience.

Now though, according to the story from Blue Sky Disney Blog through The Guardian, Lucasfilm will announce that the Indiana Jones films are going to be converted to 3D as well. Brilliant. Has anyone at that company seen Clash of the Titans and all the other converted films? Don't they realise that's not what James Cameron did?

Well tough on us. It seems they're doing it anyway, and what's the betting that Lucas tweaks and pokes on the way?

However what's more important is what this means for the next Indiana Jones film? Native 3D perhaps? Well it could be, although it would show up the quality of the rest of the films converted to 3D, but with both Steven Spielberg and Lucas working with 3D now, wouldn't you expect it?

I don't want to see the Indiana Jones changed in any way, I won't pay or watch for free a 3D converted version, and I do not want to see another silly kiddies version of Indy on screen in 3D or not. Stop it Mr Lucas.

If you want something to rival Avatar (Filmstalker review) then go and make a brand new film, Cameron will tell you how bad the conversion processes are. Money, money, money.



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