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Japanese Ghost remake trailer online

Gosuto.jpgIt isn't just Hollywood that's remaking foreign films, we've been hearing news of Hollywood films being remade in the last few years from Bollywood to Japan, and it's the latter that has the latest remake of a Hollywood film, Ghost.

Taking the film starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore as the couple in love where the husband is murdered and hangs around as a ghost trying to protect his widow from the murderer who remains unknown to her, Gôsuto does some role reversal and keeps the pottery.

We heard about the remake of the film back in May, which isn't that long ago considering that we're now seeing a trailer. Faster than Hollywood.

The blurb for Gôsuto, the Japanese version of Ghost, goes like this and shouldn't be much of a surprise.

A man tries to solve his lover's murder by communicating with her spirit through the help of a medium.

Nanako Matsushima and Seung-heon Song star in the famous roles in the film from Tarô Ohtani, and it looks from the trailer that Twitch came across that not a great deal of the story has changed. Have a look for yourself, although it is in Japanese with no subtitles, but there's love, pottery and atmospheric lighting.

Well, Hollywood are doing it, why not?



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