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Michael Caine unravels Inception

Inception.jpgIt is a brief unravel, but it's another one that adds to the behind the scenes reveal from the costume designer who had some very clear ideas on which way the ending of Inception (Filmstalker review - No spoilers) went. Now adding Michael Caine's comments about his character's involvement, I think it's clear what the ending of Inception was.

Of course the discussion will still rage, and I even have a thought that suggests he could still be wrong, but that's now two people from the film who see it ending a particular way. Are they wrong?

Okay, if you haven't realised already there are huge spoilers coming, after all we're talking about the end of the film Inception (Filmstalker review), so if you don't want to know look away. Actually let me put that a different way, if you haven't already seen the film then don't read this, because when you finally do see it, and I really do think you should, you want the ending to be a surprise.

Right, suitably warned? Left already? Okay, let me go on.

Speaking on BBC radio through Gizmodo and The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Caine said that he knew what the ending of Inception was because his character was there. Why is that? Well his character is only ever seen in the real world, not in a dream, so his very presence there means that it's the real world.

Now that compliments what the costume designer said about the final sequence when he revealed that the children wore the same clothes throughout the film until that final scene when they're wearing something different, and that's because it's not based on his single memory any more but the real world.

All very convincing but the costume argument could be pushed back on since Cobb's wife is wearing different costumes throughout, and she's a dream isn't she? Although he was trying to keep her alive in his mind and never wanted to see the kids any other way than the way he last saw them in the real world. Okay, I'm arguing around that one.

Caine's explanation I find harder to refute. I was going to say that I felt it was the scene where Cobb is placed in a really deep dream in the Indian warehouse where he lost the real world and the dreams took over, but that holds no water as I think the scene with Caine's character was before that, so maybe he was in the real world after all.

What do you think? Are you really still pondering the ending? Even after all this?



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