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Michael Mann reveals talks three projects

MichaelMann.jpgWhile Michael Mann was being interviewed he revealed something rather exciting, what his next two projects are going to be.

The first is the story of the war photographer Robert Capa, the second is an epic medieval story of the battle of Agincourt and the third is a mafia film. Now tell me you aren't interested in at least two of those films from the amazingly cinematic eye of Mann.

We heard about the first film last year and it tells the story of the war photographer Robert Capa and the script is being written by the playwright Jez Butterworth.

Robert Capa is said to be one of the most famous photojournalists of the twentieth century. He covered every major conflict including Vietnam and created some stunning images of war that will be remembered and seen for as long as we reflect on these wars.

He wasn't just about the photography though, his early life as a teenager saw him running from political repression and anti-Semitism, he founded the photographic agency Magnum, and he was a man who loved to gamble and court beautiful ladies, including some icons of the period such as Ingrid Bergman. Among his friends were people such as John Steinbeck, Ernest Hemingway, and John Huston, and his life was a succession of extremes.

Michael Mann tells us more about the story:

"It's about a tumultuous love affair Capa has with Gerda Taro...He and Gerda invented a different persona, that he was a romantic American photojournalist. They meet in Paris as refugees - despised and alone in a period of European history which is a cascade of conflicts."

The relationship happens during the Spanish Civil War where both photographers were recognised as leading the field.

The second film that's revealed in the article in the Financial Times through Deadline Hollywood Daily gets a little more interesting.

He's going for a medieval film. Now hold that thought before I talk about anything else. Michael Mann directing a film in medieval times, just thinking about the possibilities of a gritty, realistic, incredibly violent, and stylish version of a medieval epic is exciting to say the least.

The film is about the times leading up to the famous Battle of Agincourt between England and France, the inspiration for the film apparently came when Mann visited the gothic chapel La Sainte-Chapelle.

Deadline have a little bit more on the story which they say is based on...

...Bernard Cornwell's Agincourt, a bestselling novel that focuses on a young man with a death sentence on his head who is saved when his skills with the bow catch the attention of king Henry V. The archer develops into a warrior and falls in love with a young woman whose virtue he saved from a lecherous priest, and he becomes the portal to the bloody Battle of Agincourt, made famous by Shakespeare's Henry V.

Okay, so you're excited already aren't you? Well let me hit you with the big one, Michael Mann is going to be making another mafia based film.

The film is called Big Tuna and tells the story of the older crime boss Tony Accardo and Sam Giancana, the younger man who took over his position. Mann tells us a little more about it.

"Here's an older man who was the undisputed boss at a time when the Chicago outfit was the most powerful crime element in America. It becomes a classic tragedy of megalomania and hubris..."

I love the look and style of Michael Mann films, and it sounds like he's lining up some superb projects. While I'm excited about him returning to the world of the mafia, I'm more excited about the medieval epic.



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