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New Superman plot discovered?

SupermanLogo.jpgSpeculation is, of course, rife on how Christopher Nolan and David Goyer have managed to bring a new version of Superman to the page, and the recent news that Zack Snyder has been assigned to direct the film has shown that it's moving forward with some pace now.

However we know very little about it, until some rumours have appeared as to what the starting point for the character and the basis for the film will be, and suddenly it becomes quite clear what they are going to do and how they can modernise it all.

Needless to say this could be filled with spoilers.

If you remember back to previous stories we heard how David Goyer and Christopher Nolan came up with the idea for the new Superman story. In that article I looked at what they have both done with previous projects, particularly Batman, then looked at their comments skirting around the new script and suggested the following:

Now read something into that and I think you're looking at how Batman has moved from the previous outings to the Batman we all know now. Think of that and then think of the Superman we've known and what he could be, what are the key ingredients of this new Batman?

I'm staying away from some of the obvious, but humanity and reality does pop in. These new films are a thriller first, building characters and relationships before bringing in the superhero element, and that could be the same for Superman. If that's the case then it would tie nicely in with the previous rumours that suggest this new Superman could be going back to the one before the films, the one that saw a Superman that was more man than super, that had limitations to his powers and much more flaws and faults than our all blue superhero.

Now I read that New York Magazine, through /Film, have learned that the story will follow Clark Kent before he decided to become Superman, i.e. put the suit on and use his powers rather than hide them.

The time period will see him as a young reporter going on location and finding it harder and harder not to use his powers.

The article points out that this is very close to a comic book series called Superman: Birthright which sees Kent as the young reporter in a war zone who is forced to use his powers in a single incident which brings forth all his internal problems about trying to hide his powers and gives him the seed of the idea to become Superman.

So could we see Kent as a normal man, hiding his powers and never using them and living his life as a human, but all the time struggling with everything he's seeing as a reporter and the thoughts of him intervening never far from his mind?

Then there's the news that the villain will be General Zod, and if we're talking about a war zone that fits really nicely too, could General Zod be involved in the conflict in some way? Might he even just be a human, or someone from another planet hiding in plain sight as Superman is within Kent? Could he be a general instigating the war and when Kent decides to release his powers to stop the war discovers that this general is a lot more than an evil man?

Conjecture indeed, but it fits well with the idea of the new Superman.

The story also reveals some worrying news that I do take with equal pinches of salt, in that the studio are rushing the film through, and that's one reason why they took Zack Snyder on for the job of directing, because he has a reputation of completing projects against tight time lines, and in this case the articles are claiming that the script isn't even completed.

It's difficult, we're forever hearing rumours of projects being rushed through, and some of the time it shows, other times it doesn't. There's certainly been quite a lot of time to work on the script and both Goyer and Nolan have been at hand to do that, so why couldn't they? They're both strong writers.

What do you think of the Superman: Man of Steel idea then? Is it one that could work? I certainly think it could, although it does mean that for most of the film there won't be a Superman, and it does allow them to push the difficulties of really tackling a new Superman onto the next film.



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