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Ong Bak 3 teaser trailer

OngBak3.jpgThere's not that much to the Ong Bak 3 teaser trailer that is advertising the upcoming on demand release of the film featuring Tony Jaa, but there's enough to make your eyes widen, and from all accounts and the evidence of the last two films, there's more and more to come.

However I think it's still a bit premature for the marketing to be calling him Legend. Now Bruce Lee is a legend, Tony Jaa has a ways to go yet, and for me the word legend does infer past, I don't feel someone can be a legend while they are still alive and doing their work.

However, the teaser trailer for Ong Bak 3 does look good, and Tony Jaa is back on form and writing and directing again, although there aren't any unscheduled visits to the jungle and his directing credit is as a co-director with Panna Rittikrai who also co-wrote.

The story for the third film actually follows the second, something that the second film didn't do. It sees Tien captured and almost beaten to death before he is rescued and brought back to the Kana Khone villages where he is taught to deal with his own Karma. Pretty soon his arch rival returns for a rematch and the final duel, a supernatural warrior named Demon Crow, played by fellow martial arts sensation Dan Chupong.

Here's the trailer:



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