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Paranormal Activity 2 new trailer

ParanormalActivity2.jpgThere's a new trailer online for Paranormal Activity 2 filled with the pre-requisite flashes of other images through just about every scene change. Am I sounding a little cynical? Well that's because I am, and it's also a little annoying that there's not a decent version around that we can frame through to see what these images are, it means I have to capture it, download it, play it locally and step through them, not for the average fan.

Still, the trailer is here and it's looking pretty spooky. They've definitely upped the ante with the number of people and the number of cameras, but have they managed to up the story too?

As yet we're really not sure and I think we won't be until we get to see what's happening with that baby. One thing they have done with this second trailer is give is a little more of that audio at the end, and to me it sounds like a very clear word, a name in fact. See what you hear.

Annoyingly that trailer isn't on the official site, and so a proper high definition, frame by frame version is going to be difficult to find for most of us. I guess we'll have to wait, but then picking it apart spoils a bit of the fun I guess, but then maybe we should get to see a little more of the flashes in this version.

Here's the Paranormal Activity 2 trailer, or rather teaser, make up your own mind. Here's to finding a blurb for it!



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