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Paul International trailer online

Paul.jpgNick Frost and Simon Pegg are enough for me to go and see a film, but add in Greg Mottola directing a script from Frost and Pegg, a few other comedy actors such as Jason Bateman, Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogen, and the interest levels raise a little bit more. Now add in an alien and I'm through the roof.

Paul tells the story of two science fiction fans on their way to a convention when they witness an accident near to Area 51 in the Nevada desert. From the darkness walks an alien called Paul, begging them for help, and so they take him along for the ride.

It seems bizarre, but the trailer looks good fun, and while I'm not as excited for previous Frost-Pegg collaborations, this one does have me interested.

The opening of the new Paul trailer is a great moment, as is the closing scene walking hand in hand, but I'm not sure if we've seen too much of the alien too soon. Oh frankly it doesn't really matter, it's the comedic situations and how Simon Pegg and Nick Frost deal with them that we want to see.



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