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Update: Phantasm sequel?...and John Dies at the End?

Phantasm.jpgThe information is thin on the ground but it is coming from none other than Don Coscarelli, writer and director of Bubba Ho-Tep (Filmstalker review) and the Phantasm series of films, not forgetting The Beastmaster!

So the hints are thin, but they are coming from the writer and director of the series, so perhaps there's some hope that the Tall Man may well return to the big screen.

There's been talk of a new Phantasm film for a long time, despite the four films we've seen to date with the latest, Phantasm IV: Oblivion, hitting DVD shelves in 1998. The first Phantasm film was released in 1979 and told the story of a group of young friends who encounter a strange grave robber only known as the Tall Man who takes the dead, shrinks them and reanimates them to create his own slaves. The friends get together and at first try and find out more about the man, but before long they are more concerned with survival and defeating him.

I, like so many others, remember it particularly for the weapon that the Tall Man used, the flying sphere which homed in on people and had spikes that popped out the front, not a healthy combination.

Don Coscarelli began twittering about his latest project which ShockTillYouDrop picked up on and put together. He announced he was in pre-production on a new project and wouldn't say much more, then he revealed:

"Most only ride in a hearse once. Some are luckier..."

With an included link that took them to NationalHearse.net and a converted hearse with a huge image of the Tall Man on the front. Of course he could be talking about it because it has an image of the Tall Man on it and a few years back it was at the same convention as him, however that doesn't feel like the real explanation.

It does seem as though these could all be connected and he could be talking about creating the next Phantasm film, a series that has a strong horror following and he's talked about before as having on the back burner ready to start writing something for.

Could this be a Phantasm V? Do you indeed want one?

Update: It turns out the film isn't Phantasm, and the only connection to the hearse was either Coscarelli's mind or the clue of the title of the film he's working on, entitled John Dies at the End. Well guess what happens at the end then?

AICN through Twitch has the news and tells us that Paul Giamatti and Clancy Brown are to be cast in the film alongside Chase Williamson and Rob Mayes. The film follows two people who take a drug which has a supernatural element to it and before long they are witnessing the craziest and scariest things they've ever seen.

However Twitch make a great call pointing out that this film is apparently already shot and Coscarelli's comments are about a film being in pre-production. Good catch guys, he's got another up his sleeve – Phantasm?



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