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Rocky Horror Picture Show remake by Glee creator?

RockyHorrorPictureShow.jpgWell there's a certain amount of synergy between the two projects, and I'm not just talking musical numbers, but it's still quite a leap to go from being the creator of Glee to the director of a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but that could be happening if the rumours are true.

The remake is happening, that seems to be certain, and whoever accepts the job is going to have quite a task on their hands, and right now that could be Ryan Murphy after he's just created an episode of Glee that is all about the classic musical.

Now there's a hint that could be a sign of us all being led up the garden path, the very fact he's just created a Glee episode based on The Rocky Horror Picture Show could well be where the rumour is coming from, but then again...

Deadline Hollywood Daily through JoBlo tell us that Ryan Murphy is being “courted” by Fox 2000 to direct the remake, a remake that's been talked about for quite some time but hasn't moved too far forward.

The original film is still doing really well and there was another recent DVD/Blu-ray release with even more extras and new commentaries, and after a few drinks you can never tire of the songs, the excellent choice of actors, or the near perfect performance by the superb Tim Curry.

However he's not been the only one to play the sweet transvestite from planet Transylvania, there have been many incarnations of the character on stage where the show has been the most successful. It still has showings with or without film in pure stage versions or with audience participation nights and the film playing in the background, but on stage there have been many cast changes and quite a few iterations of the show.

So I wonder if a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is such a heresy as some would think? After all how many times could you say it's been remade for stage? My wife believes that the Jason Donovan turn in the lead was the best performance, while I love Curry in the basque, suspenders and the rose tattoo. Why then are we so concerned about a film remake?

Well historically remakes turn out to be rubbish, and when the original has, and still is, so successful it's hard to see how a remake could be better. Plus the culture of film is different to stage, on stage the performance is not recorded and repeated every night, it's live every single time, and when a new production comes so does a new director and a new cast. With film you record it and it can be there forever, to be replayed and compared against any new version that arrives.

Remake of Rocky Horror? I'm not convinced. Try and get that amazing cast mix that they got with the first, Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, creator Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn, Nell Campbell and even Meat Loaf and Charles Gray.

I don't think the director is the big deal for this project, it's who they decide to cast in the roles that will make it or break it, and the fact that the fan base is as fanatic and loyal as you'll get.



I say NO to a remake. You will never get someone as good to play the characters. Richard O'Brien as Riff Raff, no one can compare. Same goes for Tim Curry as Frank-en-Furter. You will never get a remake to be as fantastic as the original.
I just saw the stage show on Saturday in Dublin and have the blu-ray on order.

I implore to the studio, please do not remake.


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