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Starship Troopers 4?

StarshipTroopers.jpgCan you believe there's going to be another Starship Troopers film? Did you even know there was more than one already? In fact there's three apparently, and the fourth could just be round the corner, although it won't be like the others.

You know this is one franchise that really could do with an injection of talent and perhaps cash, a little bit of hope, a few bigger names and some memory of what the first film was. Or perhaps that's the problem.

The fourth Starship Troopers will be a full length CG film, and right now that's all we know. Of course that might be production, pre-production, pitch, or even pre-pitch. There's no real idea of where they are with this, how much money is being invested or what the hope is for the film.

The story comes from Starshiptroopersfans.net through JoBlo and they have little more than the word that there's going to be a fourth in CG, although they do hype it up a little by saying that the project will be using the most advanced computer graphic imagery. Let's see.

What is interesting though is that they cornered two stars of previous films, Casper Van Dien and Jolene Blalock, and they are very keen to return.

”Definitely. Count me in! The support of fans is very important to us...it depends on how much you'll root for it!”

Van Dien also points out that it does depend on Sony as well, and of course it does because they're the money guys. Blalock is similarly keen.

”I had great fun doing Starship Troopers 3: Marauder. I loved Captain Lola Beck. She kicks ass. She's a bad-ass ... I'd love to play her again.”

Seriously, do you want to see a fourth film? I think that some of the current remakes in Hollywood should be stopped and Starship Troopers should get a remake, a much bigger one even than the original film, throw some big names at it, keep the same feel to it, and I think it could be a huge success, don't you? However what we're probably going to see is another step downwards in the series, and that's a shame considering how cool the first film was. Isn't it?



i am from peru and I love movies like Starship Troopers k me out the 4 =)

It would have been nice if they did the first movie closer to the book! I would have liked to of heard more about the History& Moral Philosophy Classes like Rico did in the Book in the movie. The action of the first movie was great, but you never heard about the Skinnies, the Allies of the bugs. Also The Troopers should have looked more like the Master Chief from Halo. That's my opinion for what it's worth!

JJ is on the money. The movie should have been much closer to the book. The citizenship/via service is crucial and serious- the movies made it a joke. The MI are nothing without powered armor, and the MI of the movies couldn't beat
the Iron Brigade from the Union Army.

Outstanding story there. What happened after? Good


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