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The Dark Knight Rises announced

ChristopherNolan.jpgChristopher Nolan revealed two incredible shockers today, please note the dripping irony and sarcasm in there which will be directed at the second of the two reveals. The first reveal is the title of the new Batman films, The Dark Knight Rises.

It's a good title, especially considering what he's said before about the previous film bringing him right down in the hero stakes and this final one set to build him up once again and leave on a high point.

The second shocker is sweeping the internet.

Title aside, which I really like and works well for the next film, after all there's not really a lot you can say about it without any idea of the story, Christopher Nolan reveals the other big shocker for the third and final Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, that he'll be making.

”We'll use many of the same characters as we have all along, and we'll be introducing some new ones.”

[Insert your capitalised acronym of choice followed by multiple exclamation marks]. You are joking? Some of the same characters from the previous films will be in the third in a trilogy of films about the same character in the same location and in roughly the same time-line?

My sarcasm is not directed at Nolan, no it's the way that this is considered news and is sweeping across the internet. It's not that surprising, come on. However to be fair there is a little titbit of information that Nolan does reveal about the next film that is worthy of discussion, who the next villain won't be.

Speaking to the L.A. Times Hero Complex site through The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision he said that the next villain will not be The Riddler.

Now that for me is a big shame. I thought he could really do that character some serious justice, and he might have quite the struggle making another Batman villain work in his place. Still, let's face it, he made Scarecrow work, and it doesn't bear thinking about that he could bring that character to life so well.

So who could the next villain be, if not The Riddler? I suspect we'll see someone come to life that we wouldn't expect. Definitely not a mainstream villain don't you think?

Oh, and the best news? It's not going to be in 3D. Christopher Nolan, I love you.



Would liked to have seen Michael Hall as the Riddler but there you go.

Yeah, that was a great rumour when it came out and could have resulted in a career high performance for him. Great match, unfortunately it looks like a no go.


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