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The Green Hornet bootlegged trailer online

TheGreenHornet-Poster.jpgI've thought a good few times about whether I'd post this or not, after all it's a trailer without any audio, but then there's something rather important about this trailer, sound or not. It shows one of the fight scenes from The Green Hornet and the style looks rather good.

What I particularly like about it is that it's been slowed down and the camera pulled back so we can actually see what's going on. While the trailer may seem weird without the audio, it's worth catching this scene.

This trailer is a lot less about Seth Rogen's character and really focussed me on the style that Michel Gondry will use for the fight scenes, and while there's something hugely familiar about the weapon identification moment, the fight scene itself is superbly done and lets us see what's happening.

Here's the bootlegged trailer for The Green Hornet shown at the New York Comic-Con. Here's to seeing the full one released.



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