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Top Gun sequel?

TopGun.jpgOne story that blew me away while I was on my short driving break was the one about a possible Top Gun sequel. I could hardly believe it, was it true that Paramount were actually looking to bring this story back to life in a new version, trying to capture the glory of the original?

Apparently it is, and while I was waiting for a complete retraction none has appeared. So could it be true? Well if it is I think it's a stretch to say the original cast are looking to return when the studio are looking for the key players to join up first, but it does seem as though the project is being considered at least.

According to the rumour that comes from New York Vulture Magazine through New York Post, Paramount Pictures are looking to get the original producer and director onto a sequel to Top Gun, that's none other than Jerry Bruckheimer and Tony Scott. Could that really happen?

Frankly I think never in a month of Sundays would Tony Scott return to the project, there's nothing there to continue or to tell differently, unless they were going for a realistic story of aerial fighter combat and training, and even then that's hard considering that there's less training about aerial combat and more about laser guided bombing runs.

Apparently Bruckheimer said himself that he had been approached for the sequel a while ago when he was talking at press events for The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Filmstalker review), but he made that very point about how the Top Gun training has changed since the first film was made.

This is where we descend into “sources” territory, and considering what stage the studio are at and that they are said to be chasing the scriptwriter Christopher McQuarrie, these “sources” are leaping off the end of the aircraft carrier deck somewhat.

They say that McQuarrie has found a way to incorporate the character of Maverick, played by Tom Cruise in the original, into the new story. Now that's interesting if you think he's not even on board to write the script and that they are still trying to hire him.

These “sources” even claim that Cruise, although he's openly denied any dealings with a sequel for many a year, has agreed to play a small role as the original character if it's not obvious and it's short.

All the reasoning comes down to the producer David Ellison. He's rather rich, was hugely influenced by the film, and is an aerobatic pilot himself. He helped raise the backing for a lot of the Paramount films including the upcoming Mission: Impossible IV, and so there's the root of the story.

A Top Gun sequel? I'm not convinced, but it does sound a nice idea. The problem is the real story here, there is no need for so much aerial combat these days and the excitement of bombing sorties over foreign lands would be difficult to make into a film, although not impossible, it would still be about the people inside those planes.

I think we could see a more realistic and modern version of Top Gun, looking at the way things have changed and it's not that the bombing sorties aren't dangerous or exciting, but that they don't fit with the original story. Perhaps that's where the story for the new film lies, the changes in the school itself?



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