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Total Recall remake on the move?

TotalRecall.jpgAccording to all sources - I'm not going to start singing – but the remake of Total Recall is still on and there are three main contenders to play the lead role in the new version of the film, which we heard would focus more on the ability to sit in that chair and dream new memories.

Len Wiseman is tackling the remake from a script by Kurt Wimmer, and although there aren't any sources coming through for whence the rumour came, the names are here.

The remake of Total Recall is going back to the source material for the new film, the Philip K. Dick story about the man who has a recurring dream that he's travelled to Mars and so he buys a dream vacation from a company who implant memories into your head from a company called Rekall Inc.

However things don't go well and he begins to believe that he was a secret agent and ends up on a Martian colony fighting with a resistance against the local government led by a man who is intent on controlling the supply of air production on the planet at the cost of the poorer members of the colony.

That sounds very much like the original film that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, but there are a lot of differences. There's no clear idea what this version will do, but word was that they wanted to focus more on the concept and the company than the action that the previous film did. Of course that was a rumour, just like these casting choices from The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision.

Colin Farrell, Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender are the three names who are up for roles, although nothing is confirmed as yet and the article says they've not been offered anything as yet, I wonder if they've even been approached?

My personal choice on that list is Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender and then Colin Farrell, although I don't think Farrell is right for the role and would prefer either of the other two actors. It's Hardy that interests me the most as a leading man on screen.

I wonder what direction this version of Total Recall will take, and who will take the journey?



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